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Missed Follow Up Appointments Lead to Hospital Readmissions

images-14A hot topic in the news lately is the high hospital readmission rates seniors face and what factors contribute to an increased risk of being readmitted. In addition to lack of education about proper recovery care, many elderly ones end up back in the hospital when they miss their follow-up doctor appointments. This can easily be avoided with a quality homecare system or homecare software program that reminds patients and their families of important upcoming appointments.

Why Seniors are Missing Appointments

According to a study conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine, half of the 12 million Medicare beneficiaries who were rehospitalized within 30 days of being discharged had not been to the recommended follow-up during the entire month. Why so many missed appointments? Here are just a few reasons cited:

  • Lack of transportation
  • Confusion about discharge instructions
  • Didn’t know which doctor to make appointment with
  • They forgot

Unfortunately many seniors don’t have the support from family members that is needed when recovering from a hospital stay. It is times like these that require additional help from a qualified caregiver – specifically one that uses a dependable homecare system or homecare software such as ClearCare Online.

Homecare Software May Prevent Hospital Readmissions

Risk of hospital readmission decreases significantly when patients follow through with their discharge instructions. This includes keeping up with medications, therapy schedules, and communicating regularly with their doctor. All of this can be accomplished using ClearCare Online’s homecare system and homecare software – the most reliable care management solution available for home care patients.

Important daily tasks can be set and tracked using ClearCare Online’s homecare system, and messages can easily be communicated to other caregivers, agency administrators, physicians and family members. When follow-up appointments are made, caregivers can set the date and time in their homecare software. This ensures that no appointment ever gets missed, and reduces the risk of hospital readmission.

Helping seniors make their follow-up doctor appointments is just another way ClearCare Online’s homecare system is keeping seniors safe and healthy at home.

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