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New Central CA Agency Offers Assistance to LGBT Seniors

senior advocacySeniors in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community often feel underserved and afraid to let people that they don’t know well and trust into their lives. When it comes time that in-home assistance is necessary to continue living independently, this lack of trust can cause a barrier when selecting an in-home care agency. Many LGBT seniors fear that caregivers will judge or harm them, based on their sexual preference.

For this reason, a growing number of elder care agencies are focusing on providing quality care for LGBT seniors that does not discriminate or judge based on their sexuality. One example of this is the recently opened Central Valley Senior Services in Stockton, CA. The non-profit agency was opened to provide care to seniors who have lived in a time and place where discrimination and fear were very much a part of their sexuality. Now, as they enter their golden years, Central Valley Senior Services aims to provide caregivers who seniors feel comfortable being themselves with.

Homecare software or a homecare system, like ClearCare Online, can be a great ally to homecare agencies providing care for LGBT seniors. How? With a homecare system, agency administrators can easily document specifics about a senior’s preferences and lifestyle and match them with a caregiver through the homecare software who will allow the senior to live in their home without judgment or fear.

Beyond that, however, all seniors want the same thing when receiving care in their home: respect and assistance with what they truly need. A homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare Online, allows agency administrators and schedulers to enter specific tasks for caregivers to complete during their shifts – be it meal preparation, light housekeeping, or assistance with dressing or bathing. As tasks are completed, caregivers can call into the homecare software or homecare system to check off tasks – with this information reported directly to agency administrators and members of the senior’s care team, if they choose, via a family portal directly integrated with the homecare software.

Providing reliable service to seniors who may otherwise feel unsafe inviting caregivers into their home can be a rewarding business niche. And with a homecare system, like ClearCare Online, you can manage specialized areas of your homecare business with ease.

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