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New Proposal Offers Safeguards for In Home Care

in home careAccording to a recent report from the Michigan department of aging, at least 90 percent of surveyed Michigan seniors desire to live at home as they age. As a nation, one of our priorities should be to ensure that such seniors are able to remain comfortable, safe and healthy in their homes. To that end, citizens of Michigan will have the opportunity to help the elderly and disabled by voting yes on Proposal 4.

Proposal 4, also known as Keep Home Care a Safe Choice, ensures older ones can direct their own care while remaining independent in their own homes. The proposal contains several safeguards to protect seniors and those with disabilities. In addition to establishing a registry that requires home care workers to undergo strict background checks, Proposal 4 also connects home care providers with critical job training so they can better care for patients.

Home Care and Proposal 4

Seniors who require assistance at home are vulnerable because of their age and health conditions. Without the proper safeguards – such as a quality homecare system and homecare software program like ClearCare – the elderly are subject to abuse, fraud, and neglect.

According to the Michigan Department of Human Services, approximately 14,000 elder abuse cases are reported each year. With the help of more stringent screening processes and homecare system, such cases can be reduced or eliminated.

Those who work with the elderly know what an outstanding difference quality home care makes. When seniors and their families work with a reputable agency that uses a reliable homecare system or homecare software, their patients are happier and healthier. Advocates of Proposal 4 also point out how the new proposal will save taxpayers money, since home care costs significantly less than nursing home care.

Additional Security with Homecare Software

What if you don’t live in Michigan? Seniors can still receive quality homecare wherever they are. With the assistance of ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software, the elderly and disabled can count on safe and superior care. If you have an older loved one that needs occasional or full-time help at home, consider the advantages of using ClearCare. Such benefits include:

  • Reliable scheduling and consistent routines
  • Sophisticated telephony system to ensure caregivers arrive on time
  • Dependable medication management
  • Real-time visibility to point-of-care
  • Enhanced communications between entire care team

As voters in Michigan rally for the approval of Proposal 4, the rest of us can continue to promote quality homecare and protect our nation’s seniors by using ClearCare’s revolutionary homecare system and homecare software.

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