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Person Centered Care Improves Elder Care

BLOG Successful Caregiving, as Opposed to Happy, Cannot Guarantee HappinessSenior care can sometimes seem impersonal as caregivers change, and seniors see many different faces or feel a lack of connection to the people providing their care. However, the practice of person centered care is seeking to change that feeling by creating a person connection between seniors and their caregivers.

Opposed to traditional care that centers around the specific care needs of a senior, person centered care focuses on not only physical health, but also intellectual wellbeing, social & emotional wellness, spiritual wellbeing and creative wellbeing. This allows caregivers to provide not only vitally necessary care, but also provide meaningful, engaging care based around a person’s interests and beliefs.

For seniors who are interested in person-centered care, a home care agency that is using a person-centered approach may help seniors and their family caregivers as they build a care team and care plan catered to specific needs. However, additional tools like a home care software or home care system can help home care agencies using person-centered care deliver more targeted and organized care.

For example, ClearCare Online’s home care software and home care system allows agency administrators to develop a care plan based around vital activities of daily living, such as hygiene, as well as person centered activities, such as spiritual or creative outlets. With home care software, a home care administrator can input ongoing tasks like “Painting classes at the Senior Center” on each Tuesday, or religious worship on Sundays. With these tasks managed through a home care software or home care system, caregivers can then have instant access to both health and person-centered tasks once they clock in using the home care system.

With these tasks managed in the home care software, family caregivers can also play a larger role in their loved one’s care when an in home caregiver is taking the lead. ClearCare Online’s home care system, for instance, offers a unique Family Room portal that allows real time communication between caregiver. This information increases care coordination via the home care system so that needs to adjust care to better facilitate physical, spiritual, creative or mental wellbeing.

While person centered care is likely to become more prevalent in the elder care industry as more American reach their Golden Years, well prepared home care agencies and tools like ClearCare Online’s home care system will be here to support care that focuses on the overall needs of our seniors.

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