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How to Reactivate Lost Home Care Clients

home care systemsIf your agency is looking for ways to grow and expand, you may be focusing on adding new clients. But have you considered what can be gained by reactivating clients you’ve lost? Whether your past clients stopped using your services because they were dissatisfied with their caregiver or found another agency, there are three proven ways you can gain back their business. ClearCare Online’s powerful homecare system and homecare software can help you welcome back past clients and earn their trust once again.

  1. Mail monthly newsletters. Keeping in touch with newsletters shows past clients that their patronage is important to you. A newsletter highlights what’s new and exciting with your business, generating new interest for your former clients. You can easily generate a report of your inactive clients using ClearCare Online’s homecare system. You can also use ClearCare Online’s homecare software to track your marketing efforts.

  1. Offer exciting specials for returning clients. Experts agree that exclusive offers extended to former clients is one of the easiest ways to regain their business. Give them an offer they can’t refuse, such as a free assessment of their current needs, discount on caregiving services, or free trial of ClearCare Online’s homecare system. Remember, your past clients may have new or different needs now. By offering them a choice of specials, the client will likely be more receptive to returning to your agency.

  1. Highlight the benefits of using ClearCare Online’s homecare system. If you want to recover lost clients, you must prove that you care about them. ClearCare Online’s homecare software helps you accomplish this in a variety of ways. A sophisticated telephony system ensures that caregivers are actually at the senior’s home as scheduled. The easy-to-use homecare software helps caregivers keep track of all essential daily tasks – which are visible to family members upon completion. An intuitive client-caregiver matching system guarantees that seniors are assigned just the right care provider.

Consider performing a “reactivation campaign” several times throughout the year. The more time and effort you put into reactivating past clients, the more profits you’ll enjoy. ClearCare Online is here to help you with all of your clients - past, present, and future.

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