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Resort Town Aging: Lessons Learned in Vail, CO

A recent series of reports published in the Vail Daily have highlighted the desire of seniors to age in place. While the notion of senior citizens wanting to remain in their homes is not a new one; many home care agency operators and elder care experts thought that as members of the Baby Boomer generation began to feel the effects of aging and spent less time on the slopes, or out hiking scenic trails, that they would choose to leave resort towns, like Vail, CO in exchange for a more typically “senior” environment.

However, that seems not to be the trend. When seniors in Vail, CO say they want to age in place, they mean the place where they are now; although the idea presents some unique challenges.

According to the Vail Daily, Colorado has the second highest number of home mortgages in the country. And in resort towns like Vail, commonly recognized for high end skiing and recreational abundance, many of these mortgages are on second homes. Considering this, the concern comes not only for seniors to be prepared for aging – by completing home modifications, and identifying available homecare providers in the region that use homecare systems and homecare software for reliable care management, but also for regional revenues. As seniors convert second residences in Vail to primary residences for retirement, fewer young families are purchasing homes and bringing in revenue to the area’s real estate market in the face of our nation’s “new normal” economy.

Vail, and other resort towns across the Nation, have a unique set of circumstances to consider as seniors make the switch from needing help with sizing ski boots, to requiring assistance tying their shoes. However, this also opens a market for reliable homecare providers to offer support in territories where senior care may have previously been a stagnant market.

Independent seniors, like those making Vail their long-term retirement home, will be looking for homecare providers who offer quality services. By positioning your agency to stand out among the crowd with world class staff, and a homecare system or homecare software, such as ClearCare, you are simultaneously positioning yourself for growth in areas typically considered just “resort towns.” Marketing to seniors your ability to monitor care via a homecare system or homecare software, and ensuring that their needs, or that of a spouse requiring extra assistance will be constantly managed with homecare software or a homecare system is just the kind of assurance that independent seniors, like those in Vail, are looking for.

As our nation ages, it is an honorable quality that seniors wish to maintain their independence in landscapes that many consider a vacation-only realm. With the help of a supportive community, and professional homecare providers with access to robust homecare software or a homecare system, that wish can be a reality for many of America’s aging Baby Boomers.

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