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Saving Time in Administrative Processes = Opportunities for Growth

Woman in home office with computer smilingWhether you serve 1 client, or 1,000, managing a home care agency can be a massive amount of work. From client intake, to scheduling, caregiver hiring and management, billing and payroll, there are dozens of moving parts to your business – and each is vital to long term success.

One of the most difficult tasks for home care agency owners and administrators can be finding how to balance all of the required daily activities with time for marketing and growth. You may want to expand your business, but how can you focus on new client and caregiver recruiting with a wealth of day-to-day tasks to manage? While you could hire additional staff, the most efficient solution is to reduce time in your administrative processes, allowing for staff time to be used as efficiently as possible and provide the most value to your business.

While making minor adjustments can help, using a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare Online, can have a significant impact on the amount of time that staff spends on processes that a homecare software can help to automate.

Time Savings Through Streamlining

ClearCare Online offers the most robust homecare system on the market, designed to help agency staff streamline everything from payroll to HR functions.

For example, ClearCare Online’s homecare software and homecare system can significantly reduce time spent on a process like payroll through the use of integrated timesheets. While using a homecare system like ClearCare Online, the clock-in and out time of caregivers are automatically logged in the homecare software via integration with telephony. Combined with rates tracking and automated calculations, these functions eliminate the need for paper timesheets and manual addition by accounting staff. Instead, payroll requires a simple check, minimal edits and finalization before it’s ready to export to QuickBooks or a third party payroll service.

Another example of how homecare software can speed up processes is in caregiver communication. With ClearCare Online’s homecare system, rather than having to send caregivers a schedule or call to confirm shifts, a secure online portal in the homecare software allows caregivers to view the schedules at any time – and with automated reminder texts the day before a shift, you know caregivers have a helping hand to remember where they need to be and when.

However, that’s just the beginning. With all of the features available within ClearCare Online’s homecare software and homecare system, any agency can find ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. To find out more about how we can help you, call us today at (800) 449-0645.

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