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Senior Citizens Live Out Their Dreams

senior workoutsIn a unique effort to honor seniors, two-time Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom founded “Wish of a Lifetime” to help seniors citizens live out their dreams. Inspired by his grandfather, Bloom wanted to show respect and support the senior population by helping them achieve their life’s dreams. The organization has helped a 72-year old grandmother achieve her dream to sky dive and another senior’s dream to have a rug under his feet.

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However, it is not necessary for all seniors to find assistance with fulfilling their dreams through “Wish of a Lifetime.” The little things that we do for seniors within our communities can also make an impact in their lives. And with more families finding home care as a more affordable option, more seniors are finding that their dreams and lifetime goals can be fulfilled through home care agencies.

How Home Care Helps Seniors Live Out Their Dreams

For those agencies using a home care system or home care software, it is easier than ever to keep track of individual seniors’ goals. Within their integrated home care software and home care system, agencies are able to easily document and help seniors reach their lifetime goals. Whether it is eating healthier or being able to walk a mile, a senior’s goals are stored in the home care system and home care software for access between health administrators and caregivers. These goals are then used as the foundation for establishing certain tasks and reminders for caregivers to perform with the senior in their home to help them reach their lifetime goal.

Additionally, the integrated application of current home care software and home care system solutions today allow medical professionals to keep track of a senior’s health progress and condition so that professional recommendations can be suggested to the caregiver and administrator to enhance the senior’s experience in achieving their personal goal.

Many may think that as we age, we lose our physical ability or “youth” to achieve our lifetime goals and aspirations and to continue to pursue our hobbies and interests. However, this is just not the case. As evidenced by the participants of Bloom’s “Wish of a lifetime” foundation, seniors still have goals and dreams that they would like to pursue and fulfill. And although the millions of seniors in our national community will not all have access to “Wish of a Lifetime,” it does not mean that their dreams can go unfulfilled. We all have the power to help our seniors, and agencies using home care software or home care system solutions can take steps to help a senior truly live out their dream.

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