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Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

imgres-6Aging in place can often present a number of concerns for family members, especially in terms of physical safety. But your concerns can be put to rest with the help of robust home care software or home care system, like ClearCare Online, and public programs in your area. Even the most basic home modifications can greatly reduce the risks that objects in the home can present. Things like proper furniture placement and tidy walk ways make a huge difference in reducing the likelihood of falls.

Advanced home care software that offers a feature to allow caregivers to report immediately and directly to the agency can make a huge difference in safety for your loved one receiving care. When a caregiver can call in to the home care system or home care software at any point during their shift to report potentially hazardous set ups in the home, family members and agency administrators can act immediately to remove the risk. For example, if a caregiver uses the home care software or home care system to report an area of the home that he or she noticed to be lacking proper lighting and therefore causing the senior to struggle, family members can be sure to address the situation and make home modifications immediately.

Several public services have partnered with seniors aging in place to promote safe living environments. In some examples, firefighters have teamed up with senior citizens in their county by conducting home checks to make sure that homes are properly configured to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. Take a look at the website for your local safety programs and security companies to see what might be available in your area!

It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure the safety of our loved ones as they age, in combination with allowing them to freedom to remain in the comfort of their own homes. Robust home care systems like ClearCare Online are here to help with this process by offering real-time transparency into the home for all family members.


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