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Seniors Fear Nursing Home More than Death

Worried elderly womanAccording to a study, “Aging in Place in America,” commissioned by Clarity and The EAR Foundation, senior citizens today fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear death.

The study revealed:

  • 26 percent of seniors said their greatest fear was losing their independence
  • 13 percent feared moving out of their home into a nursing home more than anything else
  • Only 3 percent cited death as their greatest fear
  • 89 percent of seniors desire to “age in place” at home, but 53 percent are concerned about their ability to do so
  • 65 percent are open to using new technologies to enable independence, such as home care systems and home care software

Family members were also polled during this survey, and the majority (82 percent) feared that their parents would be mistreated in a nursing home. Although many Baby Boomers are willing to employ the use of home care systems or home care software and other technologies to help keep their parents safe and healthy at home, only 14 percent have actually looked for such solutions.

Home Care Systems Allow More Seniors to Enjoy Living at Home

As this study shows, the vast majority of seniors have a strong desire to maintain their independence and live at home. However, because of health concerns or unsupportive family, many are worried that they will end up living in a nursing home – a fate worse than death, according to the respondents of the survey. Fortunately, the development of home care systems and home care software has enabled more seniors to live at home than ever before.

Reliable home care software, such as ClearCare Online, not only helps caregivers provide better quality home care, it also creates better visibility to patient point-of-care. Even long-distance family members can log into ClearCare Online’s web-based home care software and check schedules, verify that the caregiver is at their loved one’s home as scheduled, and check to make sure important daily tasks have been completed.

If you or a loved one fear nursing homes and loss of independence, now is the time to make arrangements for dependable home care. For more details on home care systems, check out our recent post Home Care as an Affordable Option.

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