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Snow Storms a Risky Time for Seniors

elder careWith severe weather pounding the East coast over recent weeks, many senior citizens are finding themselves with feet of snow surrounding their home and cutting off their access to transportation. While many spry seniors feel that they can do their own shoveling, a report from Winnebago County, IL shed light on a chilling fact: three senior citizens died of heart attacks suffered while shoveling snow in a one week time period in one county alone! And for seniors who aren’t physically able to shovel their own snow, icy conditions leave a dangerous slip’n’slide outside their door when the weather does care.

Severe weather can often shed light on the importance of in-home care for seniors who are living independently in their own homes. When the lights go out, heat is scarce and the snow is falling, in-home care can be a life-saver for seniors who need an extra hand.

How Home Care Can Help
While private duty caregivers may not be available for shoveling snow, they can help ensure that seniors are safe, warm and happy at home when severe weather strikes. And, with a homecare software or homecare system like ClearCare, agency administrators can ensure that their business stays operational even in the most severe conditions.

Let’s face it: when a blizzard strikes, it’s difficult to tell a client that their caregiver isn’t available while you scramble to research your paper files to see who is available for a replacement. While many businesses can shut down during severe weather, storms can be one of the most important times for seniors to have a hand – leaving administrators with the job of preparing for Mother Nature’s fury.

With a cloud-based home care software and home care system, such as ClearCare, your agency’s vital information can be accessed from anywhere with internet access – meaning if the power goes out at the office, your tablet or smartphone can help keep you connected from home. Such robust connectivity also means that you can log caregiver unavailability, re-schedule for caregivers who had to cancel, and plan for caregivers to arrive early if a pending storm is threatening to impede travel.

Equally as important, with home care software or a home care system, you can provide family members with secure web log-ins that allow them to check-in on their loved ones care at any time. This means concerned family members dealing with their own storm worries, or those thousands of miles away, can see real time task updates to your home care software and home care system as caregivers clock in via telephony, and know that their loved ones are safe.

While a helping hand can be handy for seniors on a sunny day, it can become a downright necessity when the weather gets nasty. With the help of ClearCare’s home care software or home care system you can be sure that your agency is ready to weather the storm with your clients.

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