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Study Shows Use of Text Messaging Improves Care Outcomes


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Caregiving is an inherently difficult job for both family members and professionals. However, professional caregivers face unique challenges as they often care for multiple clients and must remember the best practices of care for a wide array of situations. This applies to individuals acting as home health aides, all the way up the chain to nurses and doctors treating a vast array of illnesses.

Which raises the question: How can you efficiently provide reminders to caregivers, especially when operating a homecare agency with multiple clients? Technology is emerging as the answer.

A recent study conducted by researchers and Oxford University and the Kenya Medical Research Institute focused on the use of text messages to communicate with providers treating children suffering from Malaria in Africa. During the course of the study, care providers were sent basic messages with reminders of how to administer medication or decide the best course of treatment. These basic messages proved to make a difference. Workers who participated in the study and received the texts handled 24% more cases properly than the providers who did not receive reminders.

How Does Technology Help Homecare?

Communication takes time. Elder care agency owners are unable to call each of their caregivers and discuss daily care plans for clients and still manage day-to-day operations. However, the incorporation of technology like that provided by ClearCare care management software, makes communication and reminders to caregivers an easy integration in day-to-day operations.

For example, as changes occur in client care plans, care managers can update tasks from their desk. The update is immediately available to caregivers in the field via a tablet or smart phone, along with the rest of the day’s scheduled work. This ensures that caregivers always know what needs to be done for each client.

Next, ClearCare requires that caregivers check off each task as it is completed throughout the day, with these updates immediately available to care managers and family members via a secure log-in site. If a task isn’t completed, caregivers must provide a reason, allowing care managers to work with families and caregivers to realign their course of care or allotted time with a client.

The real-time, lighting fast communication provided by ClearCare allows care managers and caregivers in the field to communicate quickly and efficiently. The result is that caregivers have constant reminders, in a professional manner, of what clients expect and need without constant telephone calls and slow reconciling of paper care journals.

Just as quick text messages helped care providers in Africa treat Malaria with more consistency, ClearCare can help you and your employees provide more efficient, consistent care to your clients. Technology, in a variety of formats, is revolutionizing care communication, and ClearCare is here to help your agency smoothly transition into the age of mobile care communication.

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