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The Importance of Monitoring Medication for Seniors

In a recent blog post, we discussed the lack of attention many seniors give to medication warning labels, however, it seems the issue extends far beyond not reading and heeding labels. According to a recent national survey, one in four seniors over the age of 65 take between 10 and 19 pills every day. Nearly 3 in 5 of survey respondents admit they forget to take their medications. This number increases with the amount of pills prescribed; 63 percent of seniors taking 5 or more pills a day say that they frequently forget dosages.

Even when a physician has provided a strict medication management program for patients, mistakes can easily happen. What are the dangers of making such mistakes? And how can reliable homecare software and homecare system help?

An Over-Medicated Society

Many experts believe that the United States is highly over-medicated. Unfortunately, the more medications that are prescribed, the harder it is for seniors to manage them. Dr. Woody Eisenberg, vice president and chief medical officer of Medco Retiree Solutions states, “It’s usually the patients who are in worse health who are taking large numbers of prescription drugs. For these people, especially, taking their medications properly and regularly is critical.”

Sadly, medication-related injuries and death are common. In addition, serious side effects can reach dangerous levels as elderly ones age. Dr. James P. Firman, Ed.D explains, “as people age, they are more susceptible to serious drug side effects and to dangerous interactions between their pain drug and other medications they take.” Dr. Firman adds that low awareness of potentially serious side effects places seniors at unnecessary risk.

Fortunately, ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software program have aided countless seniors successfully manage medications and increased communication between family members, physicians, and caregivers.

The Role of Homecare Software in Medication Monitoring

A dependable homecare system such as ClearCare makes it easier than ever for caregivers to manage and monitor senior medications. Rather than leaving such critical tasks up to chance, caregivers are clearly instructed how and when to dispense medications at the beginning of each shift. Caregivers can also be notified to stay alert for potentially harmful side effects. A sophisticated homecare system gives family members access to their loved one’s point-of-care so that everyone will know exactly when important daily activities have been completed.

Caregivers that use ClearCare’s web-based homecare software are updated when patients receive new medications or dosing instructions. When a family member gives the home care agency these details, the information is securely stored in that agency’s homecare system. Families can be confident that potentially life-saving medical information is available at the touch of a button.

With accurate documentation and good organization, seniors can safely take prescription medications. Using ClearCare’s homecare software is an extra level of precaution that will keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

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