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The Isolated Elderly: How Homecare Can Help

The Family Caregiver Alliance recently featured an article in their monthly newsletter that highlighted the negative effects of isolation on the elderly. Focused on the article, “The Health Perils of Aging: Lonely and Sick,” the article focuses on the fact that with cuts to senior day care programs in jurisdictions like California, many seniors are spending more time at home and suffering both emotional and medical detriment.

However, with the help of home care providers and technology such as home care software and homecare systems, seniors and their caregivers can fight back against loneliness and thrive while living independently in their homes.

Home Care Can Provide Reminders to Keep Medical Conditions in Check
One of the services highlighted by The Health Perils of Aging: Lonely and Sick was a phone service in which volunteers simply picked up the phone and dialed participating seniors to talk about how they were doing, and reminding them to take their daily medications or eat a healthy lunch.

Home care providers can play a major part in reducing isolation of seniors by not just providing a physical presence, but by building connections that make caregivers trusted individuals. Homecare software or homecare systems, like ClearCare, can help caregivers by providing medication and exercise task reminders that translate into reminders for seniors. When seniors have the presence of a caregiver in the home, who is encouraging proper medication and food intake, as well as activity, seniors are less likely to become withdrawn and stop managing their health appropriately.

Caregiver Visits Can Give Seniors Something to Look Forward To:
One of the downfalls of reduced adult day services is the lack of an event for seniors to look forward to. After awhile, Mondays seem the same as Wednesdays and it’s easy for seniors without any caregiver presence to forget when the last time they ate a good meal was.

However, homecare software and reliable homecare systems, such as ClearCare, allow even out of town family members to schedule and monitor home care services from afar. With recurring home care shifts set, seniors have a weekly “event” to look forward to as their caregiver comes to assist with some light housekeeping, bathing, or even just companionship. Using homecare systems or homecare software to manage your client shifts ensure that caregivers are notified of upcoming shifts and arriving on time – keeping clients sure that their caregiver will be there for a visit!

Socialization is an important part of maintaining not only senior emotional wellbeing, but protecting their medical health. With links being made between socialization and a desire to maintain health through proper eating, exercise and medication intake, it is important for home care managers and family caregivers alike to realize the benefit of having someone in the home, on a regular basis, to maintain social connections. With a reliable team of family caregivers, home care providers and a robust homecare software and homecare systems, such as ClearCare, seniors can be assured the social interaction they need to keep loneliness at bay.

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