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Tips To Manage & Grow Your Referral Network

referral networkAfter your referral network is up and running, it is imperative to invest the time to manage your referral network. Here are three quick tips to keep your referral network growing and working to help you build your business:

1. Give timely thank you’s:
When you receive a referral from a member of your referral network, take time to personally thank the source. A note, e-mail or phone call show members of your network that you have paid due diligence to their referral and appreciate their trust in your services.

2. Update members of your referral network on business development:
As your elder care agency grows & evolves, keep your referral sources apprised updated onof exciting new changes. For instance, implementing a new home care software or home care system, like ClearCare, would be a way to differentiate your agency from the rest and an exciting highlight to share with referral sources.

3. Keep evolving:
If your referral network isn’t producing many referrals, it may be time to look for new members or change how you’re managing your network. Consider if the folks in your referral network are active in their various arenas, or if you’ve recently met other individuals who may produce more, and better, referrals. Check in your home care software or home care system to see what connections there are between your current clients and prospects and your referral network. Evaluate whether you are keeping too much or too little contact with your network, and how many leads you are able to provide to your network members as well. If something isn’t working; change it. Your referral network should be a key to building your business, and keep you moving forward!

Just like a home care software or home care system package helps you manage your business, a referral network should be in place to help you expand your business. Check out these links to our previous blog posts about referral networking for additional tips about this valuable business practice:

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