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Top 5 Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Homecare Business



In today’s economy, every business owner is concerned about rising above the competition. With homecare agencies popping up one after another, it is more important than ever to consider how your business will stand apart.

Integrating these five technology-based solutions into your elder care agency will benefit your clients, your staff, and your bottom line.

Homecare Software

ClearCare’s home care software lets your agency improve patient care, increase efficiency, and streamline your business processes.

Enter a care plan for your clients in minutes, including specific tasks, recurrences, assignment of caregivers, and other critical details. Caregivers will have their complete task list in front of them at the point-of-care with a tablet or Smartphone. As caregivers complete their tasks, you and the client’s family members will have real-time visibility to the care provided.

Scheduling Aids

Home health care agencies differ from traditional care environments because caregivers are working in patient’s homes rather than located at a central facility. This can create management challenges for scheduling, tracking time, monitoring performance and so on.

With care scheduling, you are able to specify what tasks are to be performed by whom. With the click of a mouse you can take a look at your caregivers’ schedules, track relevant employee information – including pay rate and available hours – and assign care workers for individual clients. All of which are features that ClearCare provides within its revolutionary software package.

Communication Aids

One of life’s most valuable – and most elusive – commodities is time. The easiest way to save time is by using technology to communicate. You can e-mail schedules and other documents to your staff, which gives them access anywhere they have an internet connection. Electronic care journals make collecting and reviewing essential information a breeze – a vast improvement over paper care journals.

With ClearCare’s fast response time, you can save precious seconds when a crisis arrives. A text message will alert you within minutes if a scheduled care task has not been completed properly, which helps improve care quality. Additionally, ClearCare can send text message schedule reminders to your caregivers; meaning that you know your employees are always aware of where they need to be.

Social Networking and Marketing

It is difficult to market your services if you aren’t visible to your target audience. Social media has become an essential tool for bringing businesses and clients together.

Social media is not only a sales tool; it is also a very effective way to research and understand your market. Users ask questions, discuss current events related to elder care, and share their opinions. By listening to what your customer base has to say, you can find out what their problems are. This arms you with the information you need to offer relevant homecare solutions.

Accounting Software

Your elder care agency’s primary concern is patient care; but if you don’t effectively manage billing and finances you will not have the resources to provide that care. ClearCare has created a system designed specifically for homecare managers that saves both time and money. When you automate processes such as payroll and invoicing, you will not only save time, but keep costs down as your business grows.

Full scope accounting software programs are great ways to use technology to your advantage. Successful businesses understand where their profits are coming from, and what expenses they have. With QuickBooks, you can create reports that show you exactly how your business is faring.

Not only do you want to keep your business running, you want it to thrive. Utilizing ClearCare and taking advantage of the breadth of business technology available on today’s market gives your agency the best chance to do just that.

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