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Track Every Step of Client Care With ClearCare

senior wellbeingIn today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever to stand out above the rest. With a reliable homecare system and homecare software, such as ClearCare, home care agencies can streamline their business processes, improve the quality of care provided, and optimize financial performance. ClearCare’s homecare software helps agency administrators save time by making managerial procedures more efficient and effective. Here are just a few ways our innovative home care system will help your agency edge out the competition.

1. Track prospective clients and manage the intake process. ClearCare’s homecare software allows administrators to document the entire intake procedure – from the initial all to the client assessment to closing the deal. As soon as your office staff takes a phone call from a prospect, they can input the individual’s information directly into your homecare system, allowing you to set appointments and activities around the prospect – which will be documented for future reference. Your homecare system allows you to sort your prospects by status and last contact so that no potential client will ever fall through the cracks.

2. Improve patient care with enhanced communication and real-time updates. ClearCare gives agency administrators a remarkable opportunity to better supervise patient care. Client needs will always be met by scheduling the appropriate caregiver who matches the necessary criteria. A “live-view” interface allows administrators to see where their caregivers are at all times, and communicate them directly from within their homecare software. ClearCare’s powerful point-of-care software gives families the chance to check in on their loved one’s daily activities from any mobile device

3. Process billing more efficiently. ClearCare’s comprehensive homecare system supports your entire agency’s operations, including billing and payroll. The easy-to-use accounting features give you the opportunity to adjust shift times, rates, and add past care logs. Once billing has been finalized, you can print invoices directly from ClearCare or seamlessly sync your records with QuickBooks.

ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare system provides all the tools your agency needs to manage your clients from intake to scheduling to billing. Improve patient outcomes and satisfy more clients by using our intuitive homecare system and watch your business grow!

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