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UK Institutes New Code to Promote Elder Safety

elder careHome care providers in the United Kingdom providing care via social service programs have come under fire recently after a rash of news articles and government reports highlighting neglect and mistreatment of seniors.

However, seniors and their advocates are gaining ground as the British organization National Pensioners Convention recently launched a new Dignity Code for seniors receiving in-home care, aimed to ensure that seniors receive high quality, dignified care. Thus far, supporters of the code include major figures in the UK elder care system, and the code is aimed to be a stepping stone to, as the General Secretary of the United Pensioners Convention stated, “providing 21st Century care for Britain’s older patients.”

“21st Century Care” in the United States: Homecare Software & Homecare Systems

When senior citizens from any region are suffering abuse or neglect, it is a concern for elder advocates from around the world. Although the quality of in-home care available to senior citizens in the United States is overall good, there still remain occasional news stories of neglect suffered at the hands of a home care provider.

The type of 21st century care, described in Britain, can also greatly help improve care for seniors in the United States. Homecare software and homecare systems are one technological advance that helps ensure the wellbeing of seniors receiving in home care. Thanks to robust homecare software packages, like ClearCare, caregivers are constantly in contact with their supervisors via task check-ins and client status updates that are reported via the homecare system in real-time.

This information, reported and recorded by homecare software and homecare systems like ClearCare, ensure that homecare administrators and family members have a constant contact with in-home caregivers. This contact also ensures that a lack of communication, or missed tasks, are quickly addressed; thus reducing the incidences of neglect by home health aides.

Although family caregivers, or homecare agency administrators can’t always be in the home with seniors, robust technology like homecare software and homecare systems provide a watchful eye. With real time communication in place, seniors are ensured the assistance of a home health aide committed to their care, rather than an individual who may not be acting in the best interest of a client.

Senior citizens deserve to receive care with the utmost dignity, respect and regard to their safety. We commend the UK for taking steps to improve the quality of their senior care systems, and encourage all homecare providers to explore how homecare software and homecare systems, such as ClearCare, can provide an added level of insurance that seniors receive care free of neglect or abuse.

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