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Why ClearCare is the Best HomeCare Software for Large Agencies

home care systemWhat constitutes a “Large” agency is completely relative on the person/people running the agency. It could mean many people managing hundreds of clients and caregivers, or it could mean one person managing a small group of clients and caregivers. However the size of an agency is measured, I think we can argue that “large” means the size that an agency reaches when it becomes increasingly difficult to manage--no matter how many clients, caregivers, or staff members it has.

So when an agency does reach this “large” size, some of the things that might come to mind might be: ‘What did we get ourselves into!’, ‘How are we going to manage this?’, and ‘What are we going to do?!’

In short, panic ensues as the stress related to managing a large and growing agency becomes unbearable.

If you have found yourself in this position, you are not alone. Many people have experienced this and fortunately, many of them have successfully found peace amongst themselves by contacting ClearCare and transitioning onto its home care system.

ClearCare has relieved hundreds of agencies from the stress associated with managing a home care agency. It is one of the best home care software in the private duty industry. A laundry list of benefits can easily be generated here, but let me give you the top 5:

  1. Caregiver matching capabilities: When you have more clients and caregivers than you can easily keep track of, you know it’s time to switch to ClearCare’s home care software for its caregiver matching feature. ClearCare’s unique home care software solution searches through your list of caregivers and matches them with your clients based upon the client’s care needs and the caregiver’s skill levels. This saves you and your staff hours of time spent reviewing caregiver files and finding those who are qualified or meet important requirements (i.e. must be okay with pets, speak a certain language, etc). With ClearCare, it only takes a click of a button to substitute this work for you.
  2. Track all schedules, all at once: Imagine an easy-to-read timeline that shows all of your schedules in live-time. Well stop imagining, because you don’t have to; ClearCare’s home care software already gives this to you. ClearCare allows you to track all of your schedules all at once with data feeding into the home care system in live-time. You can easily view all schedules that are in-progress and immediately address those where the caregiver is completely absent from their shift. How easy do you think it’d be to manage an agency when you can see and address all schedules throughout the day?
  3. Mass 2-way messaging capabilities: If you need to message all of your caregivers about an important meeting, or a few caregivers about an open shift, ClearCare’s home care system is the best and easiest way to do it. ClearCare allows you to send a message to one or all of your caregivers via email and text message. Receive their replies and respond back to them, and have all communications documented in ClearCare so that your conversations and mass messages are never lost.
  4. Caregiver schedule-management: How many times do your caregivers call or text asking you to remind them of their schedules? And how long do you spend replying back to them with their entire schedules typed into a text or email? Once you start using ClearCare, you won’t have to spend time or resources doing this any longer. ClearCare’s home care system allows your caregivers to view their schedules online. They will be able to see their shifts for the next day, next week, next month, etc, saving you time to manage other parts of your agency.
  5. Export invoices and timesheets into Quickbooks: If you are manually entering invoices and employee payroll into Quickbooks, you must be tired. Many agencies that switch to ClearCare find the most saved time with its ability to seamlessly export invoices and timesheets into Quickbooks in less than 5 minutes. And if you aren’t using Quickbooks, ClearCare’s home care system allows you to pull an easy-to-read fully itemized report with all of the necessary information to process invoices and payroll.

ClearCare’s home care system brings a whole new meaning to home care software in the private duty industry empowering agencies to manage their clients and caregivers without sacrificing time and resources. For more information, visit clearcareonline.com or contact us at (800) 449 0645.





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