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Winter Activities for Seniors

The winter months can be a difficult time for seniors. As cold sets in and storms bring poor weather, leaving the house becomes more of a challenge than ever, leading to an increased chance of isolation and depression. However, the presence of Old Man Winter doesn’t mean that seniors have to be stuck inside alone.

With the assistance of a private duty agency using the best homecare software or homecare system on the market, and a little planning, seniors can be ready to enjoy winter rather than dread those long, cold days.

Senior Center Activities:

Many senior centers offer a wealth of indoor organized activities for seniors to provide shelter from the cold and a dose of warm camaraderie. From weekly luncheons to afternoon movies or indoor aquatic aerobics, checking the local senior center schedule can be a link to dozens of free and low-cost activities. If driving in poor weather is a concern, schedule home care shifts for transportation around desired activities. With a homecare software or homecare system such as ClearCare being used by your service provider, you’ll be sure that caregivers arrive on time for a ride and can help get seniors safely to and from their destination.

Shopping trips can be a fun outing for seniors, whether they’re for groceries or a gift for the grandkids. Conveniently, shopping offers an opportunity to get out of the house, stretch the legs and pick up any needed supplies. If getting things to and from the car seems like a hassle, scheduling a caregiver from a homecare agency that utilizes ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare system can ensure that seniors have the extra hands they need to lift heavy items and get goodies into the house. These trips are also a great time to make a side stop for coffee or lunch with a friend.

Exercise Classes:
Physical activity is just as important in winter as any other time of year. With senior exercise classes, elderly individuals can get some age-appropriate activity while also getting out of the house and socializing with their peers. With a caregiver to assist, seniors can even get help with transportation or working around the gym. A homecare software or homecare system like ClearCare ensures that task reminders can be set to alert caregivers of exercise outings during their shift and match caregivers to clients based on transportation needs and more. Whether it’s tai chi, senior yoga or dancing to the oldies, senior exercise classes are a fun way to warm up in winter.

Getting out of the house and keeping spirits high during the short, chilly days of winter can be a challenge for anyone, but especially so for seniors who may have limited transportation or fear of being out in poor weather. However, with planning and a caregiver armed with the power of ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare system, seniors can keep active while it’s cold out.

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