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Mary Kierath of Seniors Helping Seniors had 'no worries' after Onboarding with ClearCare


community_news_pictures.jpgAt ClearCare, all new customers go through a formal onboarding process. This is a process that every new member must go through and is intended to make the transition process to the ClearCare platform as smooth and easy as possible. Each new customer is paired with a ClearCare Onboarding Specialist to walk your agency through all the processes to get you up and running on ClearCare with confidence.

In August 2015, Mary Kierath of Seniors Helping Seniors chose to implement ClearCare at her agency. Mary describes herself as “computer illiterate” and made it clear from the start that she needed to work with a very patient and understanding Onboarding Specialist. She was immediately paired with Aly Massoud and was pleasantly surprised by the hands on, step by step process that ClearCare’s Onboarding Specialist’s provide.  Although Onboarding is relatively standard throughout the industry, Mary felt ClearCare’s process was far superior to any other onboarding experience she has had in the past.

“ClearCare is committed to helping you get up and running as quickly as you need.”

Mary appreciated the hands-on learning environment of ClearCare’s onboarding process. The launch plan helped her stay on track. She would look it over and take notes on what she didn’t understand and what she needed clarification on. She and Aly would work out a time to go over these concerns.

“We at ClearCare know it can be a stressful and sometimes difficult decision to make a software switch,” says Aly. “It takes time and energy, and you have to hope it pays off. We are very cognizant of the fact that there may be some bumps along the way. No change is easy, but ClearCare onboarding is there to help.”

Mary recollects her fondest memories of ClearCare Onboarding as all the times Aly made her feel at ease by telling her “no worries.” With that simple phrase, he let her know he was there and there was no need to stress and no need to… well, worry. Mary is now successfully launched and on ClearCare.

“I would tell anyone that if I had to choose between my last software and ClearCare platform, I would choose ClearCare 100% of the time. The Onboarding experience made the transition fast and efficient and really reinforced my decision about making the switch.” -- Mary Kierath Seniors Helping Seniors, Central St. Louis, Missouri

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