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Robin Schledorn saves over $19,000 on workers' comp with ClearCare Insurance


RobinSchledorn_Photo.pngWhy did you purchase your work comp insurance through ClearCare?
Before switching to ClearCare, our previous workers’ comp insurance carrier charged us a premium based on payroll that I had to estimate at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, our business grew, and our payroll ended up being much more than I had estimated. When we got audited at the end of the year, we owed $15,000! Because we didn’t get our payroll reconciled until the end of the year, it created an unexpected burden for us.

With ClearCare Insurance, we have the option to report our payroll monthly, so we don’t get a surprise bill at the end of the year. Now, because our premiums are based on actual payroll as opposed to estimated payroll, we’re paying for what we actually owe throughout the year. This means we are always current on our insurance premiums.

In addition, the ClearCare Insurance customer service team is exemplary. They were informative throughout the quoting process and worked closely with us to help get the best quote possible.

How much did you save on your workers’ comp?
Workers’ Comp premiums in California are very high. It is one of the largest expenses we deal with as an agency. By going through ClearCare Insurance we save about 4% a month (for example, we saved $1,620 in January alone!). By the end of this year we should save more than $19,000 --quite a substantial savings. We are excited to be able to use these savings to invest in other areas of our growing business.

How will WorkSafe Central impact your agency?
Anything that can reduce caregiver injuries is a good thing. We always want our caregivers to be safe. The WorkSafe product will allow for easier claim management and caregiver safety. It allows caregivers to stay up to date and makes managing claims easier. - Robin Schledorn, Preferred Care at Home, Thousand Oaks, CA

How much could your agency save?

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