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Stacey Hicks grows business 24% with the ClearCare platform



AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQrAAAAJDgzNDRmMGQ2LTczYjktNGJhMy05ZGYwLTQ5ODlhOGZmYjU1Mw.jpgWhat business challenges was your agency facing prior to ClearCare?
Before ClearCare, we struggled with mounds of paperwork in an effort to keep accurate notes on each client, spreadsheets to keep up with our billing and receivables. Our business was growing, but we didn't have the right software in place to assist us with our agencies growth. That is where ClearCare came in!

How is ClearCare benefitting your agency?
ClearCare is a one-stop-shop for us. Our caregivers can easily clock in and out via telephony, and they have a simple way to report their tasks. We have the visibility and are able to easily keep up with issues that were encountered while on shift, and track exactly when and where the incident took place. ClearCare has allowed us to give our clients better customer service, because of the tools they provide us.

Whether it's from using the Family Room or online pay, or accessing the client’s plan of care, our clients' loved ones can easily see what is going on with complete transparency, and are assured that every need is being met. As an agency, these things are what is most important to us… our clients well-being and the family’s peace of mind.

The ClearCare advantage:
We are able to offer families things that other agencies can't. It is about making our client’s family lives easier, and with ClearCare platform we can do that. Our business grew 24% last year and we attribute that to the systems we have in place. 

What advice do you have for other agencies?
In order to be able to provide quality care, you need to have quality services to support you. ClearCare does just that. The software makes your job easier so you can focus on the most important aspect of your job...the clients.

“We would recommend it to any agency that wants to grow and better service clients and the community.”--Stacey Hicks, Always Best Care, Baton Rouge, LA


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