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Tammy Fairchild chooses ClearCare Insurance over PEO



TammyFairchildLOGO.jpgWhy ClearCare Insurance?
I researched and price-shopped for workers’ compensation insurance quotes by comparing the offerings from ClearCare Insurance to some Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASO) who bundle workers’ comp with other insurance and business services. After initially looking at the workers' comp pricing within a PEO, I was pretty certain we would go that route.

I worked tirelessly to find my agency the best insurance quote possible and was ready to sign with the PEO, when I received a fantastic quote from ClearCare Insurance right before the renewal deadline. We were hesitant at first, because we had already prepared ourselves to go the PEO route, but took a leap of faith to get our workers’ comp through ClearCare Insurance, and we are so glad we did!

On the ClearCare Insurance Quoting Process
Our ClearCare Insurance rep, Maria, was great! She helped make the quoting process very quick -- and good thing too, since we were in a last minute decision making process. The initial ClearCare Insurance quote was more competitive than the PEO that we were considering. That in itself made me really consider ClearCare Insurance over going with the PEO for our workers’ comp. The final quote I received from ClearCare is what sealed the deal.

We are a new agency and because of this, cost is always first and foremost. We have always done business with the mission of providing quality care at affordable rates. And, because we pay our employees higher wages, and we’re mindful of keeping total costs for clients as low as possible, our profit margins are smaller. Every bit of savings helps.

The Bottom Line
The savings we'll see through the combination of ClearCare Insurance and WorkSafe (ClearCare's integrated caregiver safety program), coupled with the other great features and benefits of the ClearCare platform help immensely with our profit margin. After implementing WorkSafe, I know it will make a big impact on our safety programs and our all around efficiency as well as save us money.-- Tammy Fairchild- Griswold Home Care of Spartanburg, SC


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