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Tom Dolan saves $100k on work comp, grows 65% with ClearCare


  • Tom Dolan of Visiting Angels will save $100,000 on his workers’ comp insurance using ClearCare’s WorkSafe Central, reducing his premiums by 38%.
  • Since adopting the ClearCare platform,  Tom’s revenue has increased 65% to $3.5 million -- with no increase in office staff.
  • “ClearCare is so far ahead of the competition in terms of  safety and making workers’ compensation insurance less of a burden -- no one else has anything like it.” - Tom Dolan. Owner of Visiting Angels, CT

See below for how ClearCare’s WorkSafe program with ClearCare Online Insurance made this possible.

Screen_Shot_2016-03-16_at_4.13.13_PM.pngOUR WORKERS' COMP CHALLENGE:

Workers’ comp premiums skyrocket after back-to-back claims.

Because of the nature of the home care business, getting a good rate for workers’ compensation insurance can be challenging. Caregivers work in uncontrolled, unsupervised environments, and the risks that come with that tend to translate into higher premiums in the home care space.

Just days after taking ownership of Visiting Angels, Brookfield, Connecticut owner Tom Dolan had two significant workers’ comp claims which resulted in a high experience modification, causing his premiums to go way up. Tom’s workers' comp premiums tripled and he found it impossible get a better rate with such a high experience modification.

Managing claims and preventing questionable injury claims

Additionally, Tom needed a better way to manage incidents and claims. Even with the internal processes Tom and his staff created, they were still having trouble keeping track of claims and identifying fraud. It was difficult to determine exactly when and where an injury occurred since many caregivers didn’t report incidents until long after it happened, and there was no way to really tell if an injury actually happened on the job since there were no reporting protocols in place.

Assigning the right caregivers to high-risk shifts

Tom and his employees were doing the best to instill a safety oriented culture. His scheduling staff realized that they needed to find a better way to match high risk clients with appropriately skilled caregivers, but lacked the tools to do so. They were doing the best they could to match caregivers skills and abilities to the clients and their needs through their own manual processes. They made house visits to assess safety and tried their best to eliminate hazards. Tom needed a way to keep his caregivers and clients safe and identify, report and correct safety hazards that could interfere with the care being delivered. 


Tom chose ClearCare’s WorkSafe program, the combination of a ClearCare workers’ compensation insurance policy and an automated caregiver safety program built into the ClearCare platform.

WorkSafe integrates safety best practices throughout Tom’s business and includes skills-based matching, automated caregiver communications, and standardized incident management, making it easier to instill a culture of safety at his agency. Office staff and caregivers are informed and stay up-to-date on safety best practices, caregivers and clients are more effectively matched, and incidents and claims are handled quickly and efficiently.

“Due to innovations like Worksafe, ClearCare is so far ahead of the competition in terms of  safety and making workers’ compensation insurance less of a burden -- no one else has anything like it,” said Tom. “The savings my agency is making on work comp premiums pays for ClearCare ten times over. I have a formalized safety program in place reducing injuries and making the overall caregiver experience better. It’s a no-brainer.”

ClearCare’s WorkSafe Central software module was a crucial factor in Tom’s decision to switch his work comp insurance to ClearCare. The transparency it provides his management team, and the ability to demonstrate safety best practices across his agency to his insurance carrier, help to keep his clients and caregivers safe and his insurance premiums low.

Skills-based matching makes it easy to schedule a qualified caregiver for higher risk shifts. Having the ability to send capable caregivers that meet specific client needs also helps to reduce some liabilities.

The safe shift reporting at the end of a caregiver’s shift is also game-changing for Tom’s agency. Not only is there a mechanism to find out about unsafe conditions and incidents when they happen, if an injury does occur, the automated process of connecting the injured caregiver to a nursing service for evaluation makes managing claims and identifying potential fraud much easier.

“With WorkSafe it’s like having a safety manager and insurance broker built in to my everyday operations, providing my agency with a best-in-class safety program,” continued Tom. “WorkSafe is just one more compelling way that ClearCare differentiates our business in an increasingly competitive environment, and supports the growth and strategic evolution that I envision for my agency.”

Tom’s premium results were maximized by his agreement to implement the WorkSafe program components as well as the firm negotiations made by the CCO Insurance team.

“The CCO Insurance team stayed connected to me throughout the entire quoting process and I felt like I was working with a true partner,” said Tom. “It was very reassuring to work with an organization who have a team of highly knowledgeable insurance staff, well-versed in both work comp and in home care specifically. They fought for my best interest and got me a great deal.” 


  • Tom has projected to save over $100,000 this year on his workers’ comp insurance, reducing his premiums by 38%. This savings equates to almost 10x what he pays for the ClearCare platform.
  • WorkSafe Central provides Tom’s agency with the tools he needs to operate as a best in class agency -- caregivers stay safe, incidents are managed efficiently and work comp premiums stay low -- allowing Tom to focus his efforts on investing in his caregivers and growing his business. 
  • Since adopting the ClearCare platform, Tom’s revenue has increased 65% to $3.5 million -- with no increase in office staff.

How much could your agency save?

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