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3 Benefits of Becoming a Paperless Home Care Agency

paperless business managementManaging a home care agency often means mountains of paperwork. In fact, home health care is among the most regulated and documented of industries. Thankfully, technology has improved throughout the past decade and now makes it possible for agencies to store paperless records.

Becoming a leader in the home care industry means keeping up with the changing times and making appropriate adjustments to maximize your agency’s potential. One of the most innovative resources now available is the home care system and home care software developed by ClearCare. Take a look at 3 ways a dependable home care system would benefit your business.

1. Instant updates and record keeping. Rather than tediously tracking daily activities on paper, home care software allows your caregivers to record information electronically at the point-of-care. Verification of daily activities is immediately visible to agency administrators as well as family members, providing better quality care and peace of mind. Electronic records are always up-to-date, accessible 24/7, and 100% reliable.

2. Faster response time to problems and concerns. It’s no secret that paper care journals are often inadequately filled out or misplaced. Care concerns can immediately be reported using ClearCare’s web-based home care system. Once a caregiver updates her home care software – with assessments or daily care plans - the information is secure and available for review. This allows agency administrators to take a proactive approach and address concerns before they escalate to serious problems.

3. Reduced costs and increased office space. Improve your agency’s efficiency by utilizing the organizational capabilities of home care software. ClearCare’s home care system includes fully functional scheduling, billing, and payroll functions – specifically customized to meet your agency’s needs. Using home care software for all of your agency’s administrative tasks reduces costs for paper and ink, and frees up office space.

As more seniors choose to remain living at home, the home care industry will continue to grow. Now is the time to make the most of technological advances and promote your agency as a sophisticated leader in home care. ClearCare’s outstanding home care system is designed to help you do just that.

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