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3 Essential Steps to A Successful Homecare Business

Thousands of Baby Boomers are ticking past the 65 year mark every day, making in-home senior care an alluring business idea for many entrepreneurs. With an increasing number of seniors wanting to age in place, it makes sense that the need for in-home elder care will likely increase in the coming years. However, running an in-home senior care company is a detailed process that requires steadfast management, dedicated caregivers and a reliable system for scheduling, billing, payroll and more.

To stand out from the crowd in an ever-expanding industry, like private duty elder care, it is imperative to take steps to highlight your unique services and management techniques. Here are three aspects of business that successful home care agencies have refined to a well-oiled machine:

1. Establish & Maintain A Reliable Management System
Clients want to know that your caregivers will be on time, shifts won’t be overlooked, and that they’re being billed fairly. A robust homecare software or homecare system, like ClearCare, paired with knowledgeable staff gives your home care business the ability to ensure clients that no task is overlooked. By using a homecare software or homecare system to log task reminders, as well as track caregiver clock-ins and clock-outs at the point-of-care, your agency creates a reputation for being steadfast in staying on top of every detail; whether it’s keeping caregivers on time, or billing for the correct number of hours.

2. Hire Quality Caregivers
Your caregivers are the primary face of your business in the field. Thus, it’s important to hire a qualified staff of caregivers that have been through a thorough background check. Additionally, it is necessary to hire caregivers that are willing to work with a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, knowing that they are being monitored by both your care managers and family caregivers throughout the day. By having a workforce in place that works closely with your homecare system, you’re showing clients that your business is efficiently managed. Unfortunately, keeping quality caregivers on your workforce can be a difficult part of home care agency management. However, with tools like homecare software to help with their job, caregiver retention may become simpler.

3. Keep Reliable Records:
Most private duty care agencies begin service with an assessment. However, after information on a client’s condition has been gathered, their emergency contacts have been listed and billing information is collected; where does all that information go? Into a paper file? An Excel sheet? Reliable record keeping for both basic client information and shift history is imperative to keeping information for both clients and caregivers organized, and easily accessed. With the help of a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, records can be kept in one place with less paper in your office and less time spent looking up vital information. Shift calendars, medication reminders and emergency contacts are at your fingertips with the power of a robust homecare software.

Much of the success of elder care companies lies in a passion for providing confident care for seniors. However, by combining that passion with savvy business practices and a high quality homecare software or homecare system, you can have an elder care agency that stands shoulders above the rest.

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