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3 Things to Look For In A Home Care Provider

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According to an AARP study, approximately 90 percent of seniors wish to remain living at home “at all costs.” Not only is home care more comfortable for seniors, it is often cheaper as well. While the familiarity and security of living at home offers a variety of perks, it is still crucially important to find a professional caregiver that comes with the right qualifications and experience.

Understanding what you need to look for in a home care provider will not only make the selection process easier, it will also prevent mistakes that could eventually put your loved one at risk. Experts in the home care industry agree that using a reputable, licensed agency is the best way to find appropriate caregivers. Once you’ve made a list of several potential agencies, here are a few important things to look for.

  1. 1. Background screenings. Working with an agency that conducts national background checks on all employees protects your loved one and his assets. “The biggest aspect is the insurance protection,” explains Julie Northcutt, founder of Caregiverlist. “You don’t want to lose a lifetime worth of assets because you don’t have a professional.” You will also feel more secure knowing that there is no chance a criminal could be taking care of your loved one. Agencies that use a reliable home care system like ClearCare can easily track and store this important data.


  1. 2. Properly trained caregivers. David Goodman, president of Companion Connection Senior Care, says candidates that are properly trained “will have more than 130 hours of training and have pssed the Caregiver Quality Assurance testing, which is the benchmark for the industry.” The CQA tests dependability, honesty, conscientiousness and cognitive reasoning that gives agencies insight on how a caregiver will react in certain situations. For agencies that use ClearCare’s home care system and home care software, caregiver certifications and credentials can be checked with the click of a mouse. In addition, when certifications are up for renewal, ClearCare’s home care software will automatically alert the agency administrator.


  1. 3. Quality home care system or home care software. A trustworthy home care system, such as ClearCare, gives family members the opportunity to “see” what goes on in their loved one’s home in real-time. Such visibility to point-of-care provides incomparable peace of mind for families that are a bit nervous about leaving their parents or grandparents in another’s care. In addition, home care software like ClearCare means reliable scheduling and appropriate caregiver-client matching.

For additional tips on choosing the right home care agency, check out our recent post on “The Differences Between a Good Home Care Agency and a Great One.” And if there are any questions about ClearCare’s home care system or home care software that we haven’t answered, please give us a call or drop us a note to let us know!

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