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3 Ways Home Care Helps Keep Seniors Safe at Home

senior safety at homen Christmas Eve, an 80-year old male was killed in a fire at a Hesperia, CA elder care facility according to a report from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Workers at the assisted living facility where the man lived heard explosions shortly before 10 pm and tried to alert the man to wake up and exit his apartment. However, workers were unable to wake and help the man escape.

The risk of seniors suffering injury or death from events such as fire is an even bigger factor for seniors living independently in their own homes. As hearing and eye sight deteriorate, combined with reduced mobility, many seniors may have a difficult time escaping in case of fire – not waking from smoke alarms, or even not having smoke alarms properly placed and operational. Additionally, with cognitive impairment, such as dementia, some seniors may be putting themselves in harm’s way by accidentally leaving on stovetops, heaters or burning candles.

However, in-home senior care, provided by an agency that utilizes a robust home care software or home care system to help manage their services, can help reduce the danger for seniors living alone in their own homes. Here’s how:

1. Assistance with potentially dangerous activities: If making dinner has become more of a marathon task than an enjoyable time for your loved one, a professional caregiver can help seniors prepare meals – leaving less chance for accidental misuse of the stove and other hot cooking surfaces. With tasks logged within a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, caregivers will always know if meal prep is on the schedule for the day, while family members will be able to make sure meals are in the fridge via real-time updates and family log-in portals to the home care software and home care system.

2. Monitoring: Having an extra set of eyes to help remind seniors to turn off heat sources, or remind them of keeping heaters away from potentially flammable materials can have a major impact of reducing the risk of fire. Caregivers can also log notes in their home care software or home care system to let other care providers and family members know of any risky behavior that should be monitored.

3. A Helping Hand: In case of emergency, seniors may have a difficult time evacuating safely. With a caregiver in the home, they can be a major source of help to alert seniors of a dangerous situation and help them safely get out. With the services of an agency that utilizes a home care software or home care system, like ClearCare, caregivers can be scheduled for specific days and times, or live-in shifts with ease to ensure that seniors have a helping hand when they need it most.

While living at home has the potential to be dangerous for seniors, home care managed by ClearCare’s industry-leading home care software and home care system can help mitigate the danger to keep seniors happy and safe at home.


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