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5 Facets of Business for Homecare Owners to Highlight

Man with hands on keyboardIf you want your homecare agency to have an edge over the competition, there are five specific facts of business you should highlight to potential (and existing) clients. Agencies that emphasizes the reliability of their caregivers, and offer ClearCare’s extraordinary homecare system have more satisfied clients and do better business.

1. Caregiver Skills & Certifications
Dependable caregivers are the foundation of your agency. Keeping your caregiver details organized, accurate and accessible is crucial to runinng a smooth business. With ClearCare’s homecare software you can easily manage your caregiver pool and integrate a seamless scheduling system. ClearCare’s homecare system alerts you when your caregivers’ certifications require renewal and also matches the appropriate caregiver to each of your clients.

2. Homecare System & Homecare Software
For your homecare agency to secure more business, reliable homecare system and homecare software are essential. When a ClearCare agency goes head-to-head with a non-ClearCare agency, the ClearCare agency will come out ahead every time. An advanced homecare system, like that from ClearCare, gives families complete peace of mind as well as providing a clear channel for communication. Homecare software eliminates any ambiguity regarding daily care because caregivers always know exactly what tasks need to be performed and when.

3. Care Supervision
Your clients will appreciate knowing caregivers are strictly supervised. Innovative homecare systems, such as ClearCare, mandates that caregivers use the client’s home telephone to clock into their shift – proving that they are indeed at the client’s residence. In addition, caregivers are also required to report to the agency when specific daily tasks are finished – leaving nothing to chance.

4. Availability to Families
Each daily task – such as providing meals and dispensing medications – is automatically available for viewing to family members as soon as it has been completed. Knowing that their loved ones are being so well cared for gives families incomparable peace of mind. Emphasizing this aspect of your homecare software will make your agency more attractive to potential clients and earn the trust of your existing clients.

5. Attention to Detail
From the client/caregiver matching system to the detailed daily itineraries on-hand for each caregiver, the sophisticated design of ClearCare’s homecare system pays strict attention to detail. No aspect of client care is left to chance or allowed the opportunity for mistakes. Each feature of homecare software has intrinsic value for your agency and its success.

Highlighting these five facets of your business in marketing and with new prospects will quickly propel your agency to the top.

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