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A Healthier America May Change Future Elder Care

imgres-1While we often hear the media tout reports that Americans are eating too much, drinking too much and exercising too little, there is actually a shifting trend emerging towards Americans sloughing off some of those bad habits. Considering this, there’s a chance that a shift in American behaviors that affect long term health may impact the need for elder care in the coming decades.

For example, numbers show that Americans are smoking less. Between 2012 and 2013, there has been a 2% decline in the percentage of Americans smoking, bringing the number to 19.6%. While still not ideal, a reduction in smokers within the population will likely reduce incidences of tobacco-related health issues such as emphysema and lung cancer in later life.

Beyond smoking, Americans are eating less, or rather – more of the right things. This trend is leading to less obesity, which will hopefully translate to fewer overweight seniors in the future. Because weight can contribute to so many ill health effects, reducing obesity rates may mean less seniors needing care for chronic conditions brought on, or exasperated, by extra pounds.

In line with eating better, the rate of Americans making an effort to exercise is also on the rise. With more physical activity leading to better cardiovascular health, an exercise habit starting now may result in a lifelong commitment to improving ones health through physical activity.

Habits including maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting to moderate alcohol consumption, engaging in regular exercise and abstaining from smoking, according to recent research, may help reduce cognitive decline and improve overall health during a person’s senior years.

However, elder care will always likely be a necessity. For this reason, technology like home care software and home care systems are a growing industry. While there is a boom in the number of in home elder care agencies across the United States, these agencies need tools to help them effectively manage care – be it for seniors who need just a hand with household chores, or those who need more intensive care. Home care software and home care systems, like ClearCare Online, offer that tool.

By using a home care software, or home care systems like those offered by ClearCare Online, home care administrators can effectively track and manage a senior’s specific care needs. Home care software also allows the unique ability to update administrators and loved ones on a senior’s condition in real time, making home care systems a tool that will be compatible with the care seniors need for decades to come- even if it is less than expected!

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