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Advancements in Technology Benefit Seniors

homecare systemBig things are happening in the technology world. Smart phones are getting smarter – and more popular – with sales expected to reach 1 billion in 2014. Wearable technology is advancing from phones you wear on your wrist to devices you wear over your eyes like glasses. Computers are become more sophisticated, and tablets are more user-friendly. How do these advancements in technology affect our nation’s seniors?

A recent article in Forbes predicts that “retiring baby boomers represent the biggest growth market for digital medical technologies.” Such technologies may include devices for chronic health diseases and injury prevention. Home care systems and home care software are also expected to become more common, as more seniors desire to live at home as they age.

In addition to medical technologies, devices that focus on social connections will also benefit older ones. Smart phones, e-readers, tablets, and computers will continue to evolve and improve in order to better meet the needs of seniors. There is even a new app called “Facebook for Seniors,” which encourages older ones to connect with friends and family on their mobile devices. Caregivers who use innovative home care systems or home care software can set daily reminders to help seniors in this endeavor.

Technology for Fitness and Mobility

In 2013, the introduction of Fitbit and Nike Fuelband prompted many individuals to start measuring their steps and adopt new exercise routines. 2014 promises to unveil even more wearable devices that help seniors monitor their heart health and vitals as they become more active. Again, caregivers can set tasks for daily exercise using their home care software so these important activities are never neglected. Home care systems such as ClearCare Online also make it easy to communicate with family members and keep them updated on their loved one’s care in real-time.

For many of us, the idea of having a robot in the home is akin to flying our own spaceship to the moon. But advancements in robotics could make this a reality in years to come. Robotics technology is already well under way, including a sophisticated exoskeleton that enables paralyzed or less mobile seniors to walk. For more details on how home care systems and mobility aids help seniors maintain their independence, check out our recent post on Choosing the Right Mobility Aid.

Robots will certainly not be for everyone, but there is no denying the fact that advanced technology is incredibly beneficial. Home care systems and home care software make it possible for more seniors to enjoy their independence living at home. Tablets, computers, and smart phones make it easier to connect with friends and family across the globe. Home care software such as ClearCare Online is also great for families who want to stay involved in their loved one’s care –even from far away. Wearable devices that monitor our vitals keep us safe when we’re on the move. Imagine what technology will be in store in the decades to come – the sky is the limit!

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