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Do Male & Female Caregivers Handle Stress Differently?

images-2In a time when men and women struggle for equality in the home, the workplace and society, there are still areas where there is a seeming difference between the sexes. While one is not particularly better than the other, research has found that male and female caregivers often handle stress – one of the biggest challenges of being a family caregiver – differently.

According to a 2013 study by the Alzheimer’s Association, 60% of dementia caregivers rate their stress as very high. And with male caregivers now making up nearly 45% of the caregiving population, according to Pew Research, how male and female caregivers handle stress differently can be an important factor for maintaining caregiver wellbeing.

While women tend to be more nurturing, they also tend to harbor more worry. Thus they wonder if they have done enough, and well enough. Meanwhile men take a “block and tackle” approach, according to Huffington Post, that focuses on a list of goals and simply achieving them – regardless of performance. Oftentimes, men want to get caregiving tasks done, while wo. Female caregivers may find that worry makes it hard to sleep. Working with a homecare agency using a homecare software or homecare system to manage care may ease concerns and allow for companionship for a loved one while caregivers rest.

Sunshine: It may sound silly, but Vitamin D from sunlight has been shown to enhance mood. Just 10-15 minutes of sunshine each day can help boost happiness and reduce fall risks by helping build bone strength. Consider getting outside with your loved one, if even for a cup of coffee on the porch.

Social Support: Studies have found that male caregivers are often give more praise as a caregiver because, as a society, we typically don’t expect to see males in the nurturing caregiving role. For both male and female caregivers who need extra support, a care network of friends, family and neighbors – as well as an in-home care agency can help boost mood, confidence and provide a place to vent frustrations. Using a homecare agency with a homecare software or homecare system, like ClearCare Online, also allows for better coordinated communication amongst care teams.

Finding ways for caregivers to effectively manage stress is of the utmost importance to ensure that caregivers themselves don’t become worn down, ill or depressed. By recognizing personal reactions to stress and using tools like emotional support, proper rest and the help of technology like a homecare software or homecare system from a reliable homecare agency, stress management for caregivers may seem a little more achievable.

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