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Elder Care Crossroads: When You Need More Help

home care systemAngela had worked as a hospice nurse for many years, and thought she would have no trouble caring for her husband’s elderly aunt. Yet less than one year after her aunt moved into their home, Angela found herself in a social worker’s office, sobbing uncontrollably. Angie had hit her breaking point, without recognizing the signs of burn out until it was almost too late.

When families reach this breaking point, or the “elder care crossroad,” difficult decisions must often be made. Deciding what care setting is appropriate can be tough for some, especially when emotions are running high. There may be arguments, frustration and feelings of guilt – but often these stressful situations can be avoided with a little forethought. With advanced planning, the help of a sophisticated homecare system, and a reliable caregiver, more seniors than ever before are enjoying living their golden years in the comfort of their own homes.

The majority of seniors prefer home care over any other care setting. A dependable homecare system and homecare software such as ClearCare allows elderly ones to remain at home, while providing real-time updates to concerned family members.

Broaching the subject of home care with elderly relatives may be challenging but the benefits can easily sway even the most stubborn of seniors. ClearCare’s homecare software not only allows seniors to stay safe and comfortable at home, it also ensures personalized, quality care that cannot be matched at any institutionalized facility.

How Homecare Software Reassures Families

Working with a reputable home care agency that offers ClearCare’s innovative homecare system gives families the opportunity to “check in” on their loved one’s daily care – even when they can’t physically be there. Caregivers using ClearCare’s homecare software must clock in and out using the client’s home telephone, reassuring family members that a care provider is indeed at their relative’s home as scheduled.

Families can also verify that important daily tasks – such as meals or medications – have been completed by logging into the “Family Room” in ClearCare’s web-based homecare system. Such real-time visibility to patient point-of-care brings incomparable peace of mind.

Navigating the change from family caregiving to hiring a professional caregiver takes patience and good communication. Even with a carefully considered plan, making the transition to a new care arrangement can pose problems. If the elderly person is resistant to change, or family members argue over what should be done, the entire process can seem overwhelming. Enlisting the help of a geriatric care manager or experienced home care agency administrator can often pave the way for a successful transition.

If you have questions about ClearCare’s homecare system and homecare software, call on our friendly representatives today and ask for a free demo!

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