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Family Caregivers Living Longer

Given the emotional sacrifice that is involved with caring for another person and being responsible for another person’s well-being, it is commonly accepted that caregiving is a highly stressful experience.

However a recent study cited by NPR shows that family caregiving can be quite rewarding, and can actually be a factor in extending a person’s lifespan.

According to NPR, a recent study shows that “people who care for a family member live longer than similar people who aren't caregiving” and that “[f]amily caregivers [are] 18 percent less likely to die than noncaregivers over six years.”

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Leah Eskinazi of Family Caregiver Alliance in San Francisco gives her input into the statistics, explaining that some family members find the act of caregiving as a very rewarding experience. As Eskinazi explains, “[Family members] feel really good that they can give back to Mom, for example, because Mom was really there for them when they were growing up.” In other words, the family caregiving experience becomes a chance to rejuvenate or reinforce strong familial relationships between loved ones.

Differences in caregiving

Many family caregivers provide care for their loved ones in different ways. Some are spouses who make family caregiving their full-time job, and others are working mothers who can only assist on a part-time basis. But what if a loved one needs round-the-clock care when their closest family member can only help at the end of a long work day or on weekends? Isn’t the thought of not being able to care for a loved one when they need it the most, more stress-inducing than “rewarding”?

That may very well be the case, which is why many family caregivers provide assistance with the help of a home care agency.

Benefits of a Home Care Agency

Home care agencies specialize in providing care for a loved one in the comfort of their homes. Home care agencies provide trained staff personnel who can help with completing activities of daily living to ensure that loved ones are able to live independently and safely in their homes.

And with many home care agencies transitioning onto home care software and home care system solutions, like ClearCare Online, it is less stressful than ever to be a family caregiver.

How Home Care Software Can Reduce Caregiver Stress

Today’s home care software and home care system solutions are robust with real-time updates from trained staff personnel. These updates keep family caregivers informed about their loved one’s well-being through the home care system portal that can be accessed from any mobile device. With these home care software and home care system generated updates, family caregiving becomes less stressful and more empowering for the family member who wants to make sure that their loved one is receiving the proper care.

Preserving the Positive Experience

All family caregivers will go through different caregiving experiences, depending on their relationship with the one being cared for or even the amount of care that is needed. Some will have stressful experiences and others will be a healthy additive to a family relationship. Whatever the experience, agencies using a home care software or home care system solution can help to make family caregiving less stressful and more rewarding to preserve and foster the positive caregiving experience

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