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Helping Seniors Avoid Social Withdrawal

Senior Woman Looking Sad In Chair At HomeTrack all calendar events with ClearCare Online’s home care software. Many seniors simply forget to write important events on their calendars. The day arrives, and passes, without the senior’s knowledge. Caregivers can help their elderly clients avoid this disappointment by scheduling all appointments, events, and special occasions using their home care software.

Encourage senior clients and family members to join a local community group or online forum. One of the problems with growing older is losing friends and family. Either they move, or pass away. This can leave elderly ones feeling as if they are completely alone in the world, but this is far from reality! There are senior activity centers, church groups and local organizations that love to include elderly persons. If the senior is homebound, help him connect online and make new friends with other seniors with similar interests. Use ClearCare Online’s home care system to set daily reminders for checking email or logging onto Skype for video chatting.

Be the senior’s friend! As a caregiver, have you gotten into the habit of simply providing daily care for your senior clients? If so, now is the time to retrain yourself and adjust your care goals. Spend time getting to know the seniors in your care and learn their likes and interests. Set daily tasks for board games or crafts using your home care software. Let your clients know that they can come to you with questions and concerns. It’s easy to communicate these messages to other care members by using a web-based home care system like ClearCare Online.

Caring for seniors in their home means more than just making meals or administering medications. It also involves caring for your senior clients’ emotional needs. Becoming a trusted friend and encouraging social activities will benefit them for years to come. To aid you in this endeavor, be sure to take advantage of ClearCare Online’s home care system and home care software.

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