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Helping Seniors Maintain Spirituality in Their Golden Years

One of the rituals that my grandmother always practiced was lighting incense. She would light her incense first thing in the morning at 6am and in the evening at 5pm after dinner. She did this every single day. Even on those days when she forgot to brush her teeth or put the food in the fridge, she never failed to remember to light incense. It was her way of showing respect to her late husband and she never missed a day.

But as she aged, I noticed that it became difficult for Grandmother to light incense. Her thumb grew too weak to flick a lighter. Her hand grew too weak to strike a match against a matchbox. And her memory made her forget to turn off the stove when she started to use the gas as a lighter. My dad, her caregiver, and I all pitched in to help her light the incense so that she could continue her daily ritual.

I am sure you or someone you know can relate to this in some way. Of course, as we watch our mothers, fathers, grandparents, and loved ones age, we notice that the most simple, basic, everyday tasks become difficult to perform without assistance. And although we want to make sure that those loved ones maintain their independence at home by helping them with the cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene-related tasks, for some, no task is more important than those related to maintaining spirituality.

And that is where you, your friends, and your family come in. You all are there to help ensure that your loved ones can continue to practice their faiths and perform their rituals, enabling them to live spiritually fulfilling lives in their Golden Years.

From a home care provider perspective, you want to make sure that your clients receive the same assistance and attention that you would provide to a close family member or friend who wants to maintain their spirituality. With a reliable homecare system, you would be able to do just that.

How would a homecare system help?

A homecare system like ClearCare would allow you to easily record the religious preferences of your clients and note their routine spiritual rituals that they need assistance with (such as transportation to services or events). Additionally, you would be able to keep track of the “do’s and don’ts” in terms of respecting the client’s spiritual practices. And because a homecare system like ClearCare is web-based, you and your staff would be able to refer to this information online at any time.

This is great for me and my staff. But how does homecare software help my caregivers?

With homecare software, your caregivers would also be able to access the basic information that you have provided regarding your client’s spiritual practices. Equipped with this information, they would be able to provide the best possible care in an environment that respects the client’s spirituality

And to remind your caregivers to say Grace with Grandma Joan, or to make sure that altars are refreshed with flowers, or to simply help light incense, homecare software would allow you to assign “tasks” to your caregivers so they can read and review their assignments online before meeting with your client.

How can family members benefit?

Homecare software like ClearCare does not forget about family. With a comprehensive homecare system or homecare software running, family members would be able to see that tasks such as “drove Susie to service in the morning” are completed on-time by the caregiver, giving families peace of mind as they know that their love one’s spiritual rituals are being cherished.

For some families, knowing that their mom, dad, or loved one is getting help with the cooking, cleaning, and bathing is good enough. But knowing that someone was helping Grandma light incense at 6am and 5pm every day when I was not there? That was something I knew Grandma truly appreciated.

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