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Hittin' the Gym: Senior Style!

senior workoutsGym, Tan, Laundry (or GTL as our friends from Jersey Shore call it) isn’t just a battle cry of the youth of today. Okay, well, the tan part may not be so popular amongst the senior crowd, but an increasing number of senior citizens are focusing on their health, and as part of a regular routine, are hitting the gym.

While these workout sessions don’t include traditional time on the Elliptical or a regimented weight lifting routine, they do include exercises that are tailored to fit the unique needs of seniors – many who are recovering from a serious surgery or health event, such as heart attack or stroke. Based in Roseburg, Oregon, one gym is tailoring their services especially to seniors, thus creating an environment filled with equipment and classes geared toward seniors and fostering a culture that seniors feel comfortable working out in.

Homecare Can Help Seniors Stay In Shape

Seniors who are concerned about staying in shape, or regaining health after a medical event, may be able to find the help that they need to stay on an exercise routine by enlisting the help of a homecare agency that utilizes a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, to manage their business.

While family caregivers may be unable to provide transportation to seniors wishing to visit a local gym or help seniors keep on track with staying health at home, professional caregivers with a homecare agency can typically provide transportation, or company while working out at home. And, with the task management capabilities of a homecare software and homecare system like ClearCare, caregivers will always know where their clients need to be – and when.

Or, if seniors are more geared toward working out in their own homes, in-home caregivers can be perfect companion for walks, or assisting with basic exercises in the home. With the assistance of a homecare software or homecare system, caregivers can be reminded of exercise needs of seniors, and provide real time updates via telephony check-ins on scheduled tasks. These updates are also available in real-time with ClearCare homecare software to family caregivers and other members of a care team with secure log-ins to the homecare system, thus keeping all members of a senior’s care team updated on physical activity.

Staying active is an important part of getting older, and with the help of a homecare software or homecare system such as ClearCare, seniors can get the help they need to pump some iron or stretch those muscles – be it at home or at the gym.

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