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Home Care Offers Assistance To Seniors Who Need a Hand

images-17For many seniors and their caregivers, the idea of in-home care conjures up images of a nurse tending to a senior who is bed bound and unable to care for themselves. This idea can lead seniors and their loved ones to believe that in-home care isn’t right for their needs, when the truth is that there are all types of in home care available that can meet the needs of almost any senior who wishes to remain in their home. And, with the help of technology like a homecare software or homecare system, monitoring that care can be easier than ever for family caregivers.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of in-home care available for seniors.

Private Duty Homecare:
Private duty homecare, often referred to as just homecare, offers non-medical in-home services for seniors. Caregivers can be available for simple companionship, transportation or to help with activities of daily living like meal preparation, bathing, dressing and light housekeeping. The best homecare agencies use a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare Online, to help manage their operations.

With the assistance of a homecare software or homecare system, agencies can efficiently and effectively match-up caregivers as clients, as well as schedule clients with ease. One of the additional perks of a homecare agency that uses ClearCare Online’s homecare software and homecare system is the benefit of caregivers calling in from the field to clock in and out as well, as update tasks throughout the day – so that administrators and family members have a real time view of what’s going on in the senior’s home.

This type of care is typically paid for with private funds, long term care insurance, or in some instances, Medicaid for low-income seniors.

Home Health Care: Home health care is typically separate from homecare and provides medical services to seniors in their home. This type of service is ideal for seniors who have a medical need – such a surgical recovery or a chronic condition that requires monitoring and assistance from a medical professional such as a Registered Nurse.

Home health care may include wound dressing, assistance with physical therapies, dispensing medications and more health oriented activities than caregivers working with a homecare agency are certified to provide.

This type of care can be paid for with private funds, but many times Medicare can also help cover the cost, especially if care is required after a hospitalization or surgical procedure.

Finding the Right Care
Knowing what types of in-home care is available for seniors is a key factor in deciding when homecare is the right option. With some basic knowledge and a willingness to ask questions of local providers, you can find a homecare agency that offers benefits such as trained caregivers, friendly staff and transparency fostered through the use of a homecare software or homecare system.


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