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Homecare Software: Helping Coordinate Care Teams

homecare softwareCoordinating care for our elderly loved ones is not always an easy task. As parents grow older, they need more care – which means they also need a team of caregivers. Research shows that when an elderly person has a care team – rather than just one lone caregiver – he enjoys a much better quality of life. In an effort to improve care coordination, ClearCare has developed a sophisticated homecare system and homecare software program that benefits seniors, their families, and the entire caregiving team. Here are three beneficial ways homecare software can help improve your family’s care team.

Studies have shown that hiring an in-home caregiver relieves stress and restores balance. ClearCare’s homecare system is designed to enhance the benefits of in-home care by keeping families organized and coordinated. Important care decisions are made easier when the senior’s health, insurance, and personal records are kept accurate and accessible. Ask a ClearCare representative for tips on organizing your parent’s files.

Homecare software significantly improves communication. A caregiving team must be on the same page in order to care for the elderly person properly. ClearCare’s entire homecare system and homecare software are both designed to improve communication between siblings, spouses, doctors, homecare managers and caregivers. Caregivers will always have their complete task list in front of them with an iPad or Smartphone. As caregivers complete each task and update their homecare software, each family member will have real-time visibility to the care provided.

Important issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed are now easily tracked and communicated through a secure homecare system that can be accessed by family members day or night. Alerts are immediately sent out to families via text message, ensuring that no one gets left out in the event of an emergency or situation that requires attention. If a caregiver is late, not only will you immediately be alerted; the agency will also know and send out a replacement caregiver within minutes.

Taking advantage of ClearCare’s homecare system gives seniors the best care possible. When homecare software is used, caregivers can easily keep in touch with the senior’s doctors and other care professionals that may have insight on how to improve the senior’s health and quality of life.

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