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Homecare Software Helps Keep Seniors Safe from Fraud

As a result of an increasing number of seniors living at home during their golden years, elder abuse and fraud is on the rise. Many states don’t license or regulate the burgeoning private-pay home care industry and sadly our nations’ seniors are paying a high price.

The New England Center for Investigative Reporting found that numerous agencies do not work under either a federal or state contract. What does this mean for the elderly and their families? Without the protection of a quality home care system and home care software program such as ClearCare, many seniors are completely vulnerable to abuse and fraud from private duty home care agencies.

A Case in Point

Chris Sergio, highlighted in a report from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, went through a reputable agency to find a caregiver for his elderly mother, believing such a well-established company would provide the kind of care he expected. Things were going along relatively well until Sergio’s parents noticed several pieces of jewelry and silverware missing. Shortly thereafter, the caregiver was found guilty of larceny.

“I was furious with her for taking advantage of a person with dementia,” said Sergio, who claimed thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and flatware was stolen.

Reports about elder abuse and fraud are lodged with the Department of Public Health and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs; however no single agency in state government is tracking the type or total number of complaints involving private-pay home care workers.

A Growing Problem – and the Solution

In Barnstable County, which has the oldest population in New England, elderly abuse is steadily increasing. Sharon Thibeault, assistant district attorney in charge of the elderly abuse unit states, ““It's not an epidemic, but this is a crime we definitely see.” Theft is a particular problem, especially concerning prescription medications.

In homes where ClearCare’s home care software and home care system are utilized, families can rest assured that their loved ones – as well as their valuables – are safe and sound.


ClearCare has worked diligently to develop a quality home care system and home care software program that not only benefits care agencies, but their clients and family members as well.

When a caregiver arrives at a senior’s home, a home care system requires her to clock into her shift by using the client’s home telephone. This eliminates the chances of caregivers neglecting to show up as scheduled. Caregivers rely on sophisticated home care software, such as that from ClearCare, to update family members on their loved one’s daily activities and keep track of any concerns or problems.

Don’t let your elderly parent or grandparent suffer the indignity of neglect, fraud, or abuse. Work only with reputable providers and shop for home care agencies that rely on the power of a home care software or home care system like ClearCare.

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