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Easy Ways to Use Social Networking to Grow Your Business

Social networking has become a booming part of the everyday lives of people worldwide. Instead of photo albums, we share our photos on Facebook and keep friends up to date by sending a Tweet rather than a note. But social networking isn’t just for personal use. In fact, by harnessing the power of sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can help market and expand the services of your homecare agency.

How Does Social Media Work?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among other sites that are gaining in popularity, like Google+, allow people to stay in touch via status updates, discussion forums and information sharing.

Facebook and Twitter are primarily known as social sites and offer a casual forum to update clients with photos, brief updates or information about upcoming events. For example, these kinds of social sites would be ideal places to introduce new caregivers, announce an upcoming open house at your office, disseminate tips to clients or announce your integration of ClearCare.

LinkedIn is a social networking site used almost exclusively for professional networking. LinkedIn profiles allow you to spotlight your business or personal accomplishments, while groups and discussion forums provide a place to interact with other homecare business owners, geriatric care managers and other elder care professionals. LinkedIn is the perfect site to monitor news within the industry, ask for feedback or advice and see what people in similar situations are doing within their business.

Regardless of the social media sites you use, following a few basic tips will ensure you’re on the right path:

- Establish a profile that appears professional and portrays your business in the same light as the rest of your marketing efforts.

- Appoint one person to be in charge of maintaining and updating your social media profiles and postings.

-Post updates on a regular basis. Maintain a steady flow of updates and participation in discussions that keeps your followers engaged, but not overwhelmed.

The Benefits of Social Networking:

Businesses that utilize social networking are able to stay in front of their clients, prospects and referral sources for a far lesser expense than mailers or traditional media like radio or newspaper advertisements.

Conveniently, social media also offers the opportunity to connect and converse with your clients and colleagues, meaning that you become more than just a business that they use or have heard of. In essence, social media can help establish a “personality” for your company while also helping you establish yourself as an expert in the industry through the sharing of tips and ideas.

Give social media a try! If you’re unsure of how to use the sites yourself, ask around amongst your staff, and you’re sure to find someone with a little Facebook experience. And in the meantime, follow ClearCare on Twitter to see how social media plays an integral part in our business!

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