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Jerusalem Seniors Show Off Their Youth

RFK_0549_oyFor many of us, it wasn’t long ago that 30 seemed old and 80 sounded ancient. However, aging today does not necessarily mean growing old and losing a zest for life. To prove this point, Israeli seniors are working with the Israel Children’s Museum in Holon to showcase what it’s like to get older – from differing points of view.

The exhibition, called “Dialogue in Time” is designed to help bridge generation gaps and help dispel stereotypes and fears often present in young people toward aging. Take Rivka Zihavi, for example: the 80-year-old Tel Aviv native knows that she’s old, but doesn’t let it bother her, saying that she often feels like she’s 12 due to a penchant for learning new things and keeping busy – with activities like volunteering as a museum guide.

The exhibit raises a great topic that’s relevant to aging around the world, and especially here in America: getting older does not have to translate to becoming less active, less relevant or less independent.

Homecare Software’s Role in Aging
With so many options available to seniors who wish to live as independently as possible in their later years, more and more elderly individuals are utilizing available resources to stay at home and engaged in the activities they love.

One tool to help accomplish this successfully is the assistance of an in-home care agency utilizing a homecare software or homecare system, like ClearCare Online, to manage care. While in-home caregivers can assist with basic needs like housekeeping and meal preparation, arranged as tasks in the homecare system, they can also help with transportation and companionship to activities outside the home. This helps maintain social activity for seniors, which can be vital to long-term wellbeing.

And, with a homecare software or homecare system such as ClearCare Online in place, seniors can have a caregiver scheduled to assist them with getting ready to leave the home as well as transportation to and from activities. Beyond that, however, active seniors can also log-in to the homecare software or homecare system via a secure portal to view upcoming shifts, invoices from the homecare company and photos of caregivers so they know who to expect for their next shift.

For some seniors, aging will be accompanied by major health struggles and assistance to attend to basic needs. For others, growing older will be a time to explore new interests and focus on old hobbies. Regardless of which path seniors are on, in-home care managed with a homecare software like ClearCare can help make aging a more enjoyable – and less frightening prospect.

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