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Preparing for the Holidays with Senior Loved Ones

As the holidays are approaching, millions of American families are planning where they will spend their special days. However, this process can be far more complicated for family caregivers who are worrying not just about who will prepare the turkey, but how will Mom react to a crowd of relatives?

Family caregivers can face a number of tough decisions when it comes to the holidays, these may include whether or not to travel for a celebration – and if traveling is an option – whether or not to take their care recipient along. For those staying near home, gatherings can be worrisome for caregivers providing aid to a senior with dementia or physical limitations. Or perhaps managing holiday cooking and shopping in conjunction with caregiving and a career simply seem like too much for caregivers who already feel as if they need more hours in the day.

Making Reasonable Plans:
Planning ahead can be a key factor in creating an enjoyable holiday experience. Start considering these factors now and create a plan so that you and your care recipient feel at ease with the season’s events:

- Will you be traveling? If so, will your care recipient want and be able to come along? If not, could family perhaps travel to you or would a home care agency using a home care software or home care system be able to manage care while you are away?

- Will you be hosting? If celebrations are scheduled to take place at your home, consider enlisting the help of home care agency to schedule shifts within their home care software, or home care system to cover caregiving duties while you prepare for guests. Additionally, think about making a comfortable environment for your care recipient – perhaps a quiet room where they can go to rest if the festivities overwhelm them.

- Do you have time for yourself? The holidays are all about spending time with those you love. However, you may feel that your nuclear family is a bit neglected as you focus on caregiving responsibilities. This is a fantastic time to look into hiring a home care agency to assist with caregiving; be it for a couple hours or a couple days. Agencies with a robust home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, can monitor and update tasks in real time – and you can keep up with your loved one via secure online log-ins to check on care logs via ClearCare’s home care software and home care system.

No matter how you choose to spend your holidays, incorporating time for your family and the holiday traditions that you love will help enrich your wellbeing and remind you that besides a caregiver, you’re also an individual who deserves time to enjoy your interests as well. With the help of professional care managed with home care software or a home care system, like ClearCare, you can make the holidays an enjoyable time for you and your care recipient.

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