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Protecting the Rights of Seniors with Disabilities

A recent news article posed an interesting question: Should the mentally disabled be allowed to vote? Understandably, advocates of the mentally handicapped have put forth passionate pleas in favor of adjusting the voting rules to include the mentally disabled. In addition, the individuals in question have also made their voice be heard.

“I want to vote,” exclaimed Dave McMahan, a 61 year old military veteran with a mental illness. “I’ve been through sweat and blood to vote. I don’t want my rights taken away, because I fought for my rights.” Equally fervent are thousands of other seniors with mental disabilities, along with their guardians and caregivers. The debate has prompted serious discussions regarding all rights of the mentally disabled, and how those rights can be protected.

Who Make up the Mentally Disabled?

Approximately one to three percent of the United States population is mentally disabled. Although the mentally handicapped have below average intellectual abilities, most feel that our nation’s goal should be to treat such individuals with respect and afford them as much dignity as possible. Caregivers for mentally disabled and impaired individuals have additional roles to take very seriously, working to develop the disabled person’s language and social skills. ClearCare’s innovative homecare system and homecare software are invaluable when it comes to managing and monitoring daily activities of the mentally disabled.

How Homecare Software Benefits the Mentally Disabled

A reliable homecare system such as ClearCare is beneficial in any caregiving situation – but is especially helpful when caring for the mentally handicapped. Special-needs seniors require a high level of supervision. Home care agencies that utilize a homecare system are in an excellent position to provide such supervision, using sophisticated homecare software that monitors and updates daily activities on a point-of-care basis.

When scheduling a shift for a special-needs senior, agency administrators can make note of important information in ClearCare’s homecare system such as:

  • Medication times and dosages
  • Meal times
  • Care activities the senior requires help with
  • Activities the senior is capable of handling on his own

These notes are then announced to the caregiver when she clocks in to her shift, eliminating any ambiguity regarding essential daily tasks. Caregivers will update completed tasks in their homecare software, which is then available for viewing by the agency – as well as the senior’s family members. Allowing caregivers to care for the mentally disabled – rather than relatives – is often a good way to help the senior maintain their independence and dignity.

Protecting the Rights of Seniors with Disabilities

While the debate over voting rights continues to rage, home care agencies can do their part to protect the rights of mentally disabled seniors. Rather than institutionalized care, which imposes numerous restrictions upon the elderly, home care is all about freedom of choices. Whether you are a part of a home care agency, or a concerned family member, ClearCare’s home care system and home care software are available to help you make the right choices when it comes to protecting the rights of the mentally disabled.

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