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Quick Tips to Ease the Caregiver Experience

images-9With the rewards of caregiving come inevitable pressures that can be both stressful and tiring for care providers. As an agency administrator, it is crucial that you use top of the line home care software to support a happy staff of caregivers. By using home care systems like ClearCare Online you can be sure that you will be provided with the resources necessary to promote healthy and happy employees.

Caregiver Log in Access

By using home care software to provide caregivers with secure access to their schedules and client information via the web portal, you are providing them with resources to eliminate uncertainty, a common cause for stress. Better yet, the caregiver is able to use advanced home care systems like ClearCare Online to log updates straight from the client’s home. As a care provider, there are undoubtedly moments of urgency surrounding their client’s care needs. Using telephony and online access to home care software they can log important events and updates that are reported in real time to family members and agency administrators. Caregivers can be sure that their updates are accessible and therefore addressable by all relevant parties.

Advanced Messaging

Agencies using robust home care systems can ease each caregiver’s experience using advanced two-way messaging and alerts. Home care software like ClearCare Online uses daily shift reminder texts and emails to keep caregivers up to date and reminded about their daily schedules. Features as simple as shift reminders can greatly affect the caregiver experience by reducing any uncertainty they may have. Better yet, caregivers can respond to these shift reminders and the messages are directly routed to agency administrators. This is especially handy as a caregiver can make it clear in advance if they have a schedule conflict.

Internal Tracking

Home care software like ClearCare Online that offers internal calendar tracking and task reminders allows for a healthy workplace by providing a space for scheduling regular office events and rewards programs. The hard-work of each care provider will not go unnoticed with regular administrator reminders for staff check-ins and follow-ups. Users can also use internal tracking features for scheduling caregiver unavailability. With a top of the line home care system like ClearCare Online you can be sure that each caregiver’s time off is respected as the system blocks the ability to schedule unavailable caregivers for time that they have requested off.

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