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Senior Centers Help Enrich Elder Care

senior centersSeptember is National Senior Center month, highlighting the services and importance of senior centers as gathering places and sources of enrichment for seniors across the United States. According to the National Council on Aging, there are approximately 11,000 senior centers in the U.S. that provide service to nearly 1 million senior citizens!

While many seniors and their caregivers know about senior centers, there is often confusion about just what they are and how they may fit into a senior’s life. For elderly individuals receiving care in-home, senior centers can provide a great outlet to get out and socialize, or try something new, and with the help of scheduling from a home care system or home care software like ClearCare, home care services can help coordinate senior center activities.

What Do Senior Centers Offer?

Although home care workers and family caregivers can provide social interaction and stimulation for seniors, senior centers provide an opportunity for seniors to get out and interact with their peers – often while engaging in a new or interesting activity. Some common items on senior center schedules may include:

- Meals & nutrition services
- Exercise classes
- Health & Wellness classes & seminars
- Transportation
- Social activities
- Recreational activities
- Intergenerational activities

Meanwhile, senior centers may also help seniors with employment services, public benefits counseling and more.

For information on services available through your local senior center, most of which keep a current calendar of activities, simply give them a call and ask how you or your senior loved one can get involved.

Senior Centers Help Get Seniors Out
While many seniors want to age in place, it doesn’t mean they want to be isolated. Seniors who engage in social interaction with their peers may benefit from a better mood and overall sense of wellbeing. Coupled with family care and home care from an agency utilizing a robust home care software or home care system to track their status, senior centers can plan an important part in the life of seniors.

If keeping track of activities is of concern, consider that a home care agency can utilize home care software or a home care system, such as ClearCare, to create reminder tasks for caregivers when it’s time to get seniors to a special activity. Additionally, home care software and ClearCare’s home care system can be used to schedule caregivers around activity days when transportation and help getting ready may be required.

Senior Centers can be an enriching gathering place for seniors whether for a nutritious meal, some light aerobics or a chess tournament. And with the help of reliable in-home care coupled with home care software or a home care system, such as ClearCare, family caregivers can help elderly loved ones make the most of their local senior center.

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