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Senior Moods Can Improve Senior Brain Power

Does a good day seem to improve your ability to remember things and process information? Likewise, does a day filled with stresses that causes your mood to sink make you feel less mentally prepared? According to a recent article published on MedLineplus.com suggested that research is showing that better moods in seniors may contribute to better cognitive skills

In an experiment conducted with Ohio State University, seniors were given a small gift upon arrival at a test – in this case, a simple thank you note and a small bag of candy. They were then presented with a computer-based card game aimed at winning as much money as possible in quarters. The seniors who were given the small token of appreciation as a mood booster and worked on computers with a positive desktop background showed better performance in decision- making skills than those whose mood was not attempted to be altered with positive surroundings or tokens of appreciation.

Although speed of thought and vocabulary didn’t seem to improve with boosted mood, decision making abilities did seem increased, leading researchers to believe that happier seniors may be better thinkers.

Home Care Software Can Help Boost Mood
It’s no secret that aging can lead to some down days. With aches and pains, lack of mobility or decreasing social contact, seniors have a high risk of falling into feelings of depression and isolation. One potential solution for keeping bad moods at bay is the incorporation of an in-home aide using a home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, to help provide companionship for a senior living at home.

While the mere presence of a caregiver can provide social interaction, fun tasks scheduled in their home care software or home care system, such as working on a puzzle with the client, or baking a favorite cookie once each week, can bring small tokens of happiness to a senior and thus, potentially help boost brain power.

Beyond the everyday little things, home care software or a home care system, such as ClearCare, can also help home care agency administrators manage important events in a client’s life, such as their birthday, and provide reminders to send a card or stop by with a small potted plant or box of chocolates. Additionally, notes of what delights seniors can be easily stored in a home care software or home care system, making it easy for administrators to remember client preferences.

The research of Ohio State shows that it doesn’t take much to perk up a senior’s mood, but that even the smallest gestures can have an impact on cognitive abilities. If your loved one seems a little down, consider hiring a home care agency armed with the power of ClearCare’s home care system and see if you notice a correlation between happiness and brain power!

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