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Seniors Death at Residential Care Facility Raises Concerns

in home careThe operator of a Sacramento residential care home facility was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and elder abuse of an 88 year old woman. 52 year-old Silva Cata, the administrator and caretaker at Super Care Home, was responsible for the care of Georgia Holzmeister, a dementia patient who had been at Super Care Home for the past five years.

According to an affidavit from State Attorney General’s Office, Holzmeister was brought to Sutter General Hospital’s emergency room on June 19, 2012, with a deep, infected pressure wound on her tailbone. Doctors also diagnosed her with sepsis – a severe toxic infection caused by the wound. Holzmeister died four days later.

The emergency room doctor who treated Holzmeister stated that the pressure wound would have taken weeks to develop, and was one of the worst he had ever seen. Cata claims she first saw the blister-like pressure sores two days before she was taken to the hospital, and maintains that the elderly woman never complained of pain.

Why Such Tragedies Happen

Holzmeister’s granddaughter recently released a statement that urges care facilities to monitor their patients more carefully. “Our family has suffered the terrible loss of my grandmother last summer. She did not deserve the death she suffered. We want other people to be aware that the appearance of cleanliness and good care can be superficial. We had no idea the condition of my grandma until we arrived at the emergency room and we were as horrified as the doctors and nurses.”

Unfortunately, Holzmeister’s family admits they only saw her on major holidays. Advocates encourage more regular visits in order to ensure quality care. While experts agree that most care providers want to do a good job, there are situations where this is not the case. There are many facilities where the lack of oversight and supervision is detrimental to the patients.

Avoid Elder Neglect or Abuse with Homecare Software

Working with a reputable home care agency and dependable homecare system allows seniors to live comfortably and safely in their own homes. When a caregiver arrives at the senior’s home, ClearCare’s home care system requires her to clock into her shift by using the client’s home telephone. This eliminates the chances of caregivers neglecting to show up as scheduled. Caregivers rely on ClearCare’s sophisticated home care software to update family members on their loved one’s daily activities and keep track of any concerns or problems.

Home care providers that use ClearCare’s homecare system can match each patient with an appropriate caregiver. When a caregiver’s certifications are up for renewal, ClearCare’s homecare software will automatically notify the caregiver as well as agency administrators.

The safeguards put in place by ClearCare’s homecare system can eradicate instances of elder abuse and neglect. If you have concerns about a loved one’s safety, call ClearCare today and ask how home care software would benefit your family.

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