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Seniors Transitioning from Books to E-Readers

aging in placeWhile the iPad and Nook may seem like devices more appropriate for your teenager rather than your elderly mother, more and more seniors are finding e-readers and tablets to be useful devices rather than unnecessary technology.

A recent article in the Florida-based Sun Sentinel highlighted the growing prevalence of e-reader use amongst seniors, noted that the Pew Research Center released statistics showing that e-reader and tablet use amongst individuals aged 50 and older nearly doubled during the 2011-12 holiday season. However, beyond statistical findings, real world applications are being noticed by people who work with seniors in a variety of setting. Kami Barett, who teaches as part of a life -long learning program at Florida Atlantic University reports seeing an increasing number of seniors (who always show up early to get a good seat) browsing e-readers and tablets as they wait for class to start.

With more and more seniors, using tablet and e-reader devices, the uses for the technology is also expanding. While mobile devices are fantastic tools for entertainment, they can also play a vital role in managing the care of a spouse or other elderly loved one – making tablets a double-duty device.

Tablets Help Seniors Age With Dignity Via Homecare Software and Homecare Systems
The ability of tablet devices like the iPad and Kindle Fire expands far beyond their abilities as an e-reader. For seniors aging in their own homes and requiring the assistance of caregivers from a home care agency, the device can be used for caregivers to clock-in and out, as well as task track completion within a homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare. Additionally, for seniors whose spouse requires care, a tablet can be used to securely log into a homecare software or homecare system and view real-time updates on their loved ones condition; all while they’re on the go, and all via a device that is large enough that it’s easy and navigate and read.

No matter what a senior’s personal situation is, a tablet or e-reader can offer entertainment via music, games, and books while also offering easy access to care management when used in conjunction with an elder care agency that utilizes a homecare software or homecare system. For example, homebound seniors can use the tablet for connecting with the world via the internet, downloading new books at the touch of a screen and monitoring their upcoming caregiver schedules via a homecare software or homecare system log-in.

Likewise, seniors who enjoy travelling can keep their books all in one easy-to-carry place, as well as manage the care of other elderly loved ones with ease!

No more is technology just for the young; it’s also a useful tool for the young-at-heart, and with the help of a robust homecare software or homecare system, such as ClearCare, it can double as entertainment and a handy care management tool.

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